5 Things You Really Need To Start Doing in 2018


So, this isn’t exactly an article about “being your best self” or anything deep like that.

I don’t have any whimsical ideations of finding the path to happiness. At least not today. Not this article.

It’s really just a list of shit you should already be doing, but you aren’t.

These are the things that have an indescribable way of just making you feel better. They simply enhance your quality of life.

The things that you owe to yourself to start doing. Because you deserve to be happy.

Maybe give one, two, or all of these things a try as you venture into the new year without the pressure of a giant life-altering New Year’s resolution.

Just vow to do more for yourself. To care more about your happiness. Take the time to show yourself love.

Here are a few places you can start!

Make Your Bed Every Freaking Day

Okay, this is probably nobody’s favorite thing to do. I understand that.

It takes time, it takes effort. And it’s one of those things that most people say, “I’m the only one who sees it and I don’t care if it’s made.”

Sure, this may be true. But you can’t tell me that there isn’t something undisputedly satisfying about pulling back tightly tucked covers and crawling into bed at night.

It’s just a simple pleasure you’re denying yourself by not taking an extra 3-7 minutes to make your bed. Just try it for one week. You’ll be hooked.

Drink Enough Water

Is there anything more daunting than starting a water-drinking routine? No, not really.

When I first decided to start properly hydrating myself, meaning I’m drinking the recommended amount a day, I had to take it on almost like a hobby.

It took a lot of cognizant effort to pick up the bottle and drink significant amounts.

But, then came the exquisite benefits of water drinking that I longed for as soon as I went a day without drinking enough.

My hair, my skin, my bowel and bladder, my energy levels, my GI system. All of my systems were so happy with me!

*Disclaimer, you will pee a lot at first. You’ll get used to it.

Do Something Spontaneous For Absolutely No Reason

This is with the intent to help you feel that rush of unadulterated adrenaline without doing something really reckless.

After a stressful week at work, drive to a new place. Spend time doing something you don’t typically do. Use the time to contemplate or use it to forget.

Either way, try new things when you’re in absolutely no mood to do so.

There, you will find moments of freedom. Liberation, even.

It’s making the choice to fly and expand yourself when your instinct is to curl up into retreat. Go big or go home, right?


Moisturize anything and everything. For me, moisturizing my arms and legs is by far the hardest habit I’ve ever tried to take on.

It’s so pathetic. It takes no time at all, but for whatever reason we don’t take the time to do it. I know I’m not alone.

Nourishing your skin, though, is one of those things that just makes you feel so damn good.Like you really have your shit together.

Again, why are we depriving ourselves from the simple pleasures that take nearly no time at all? Let’s moisturize, friends.


Yes, literally stretch your muscles.

10 minutes a day, that’s all. You can use this time to meditate. Breathe. Mentally prepare for your day. Whatever you want.

Stretch your back, your legs, your arms. Anything!

Stretching is not only something that makes your body and mind feel good, but muscular flexibility is one of those things you’ll thank yourself for as you age.

Having the mobility to move your body freely and without restrictions will keep your body limber and active as time goes on. Start now!

There you have it. That’s my magic list of 5 things you should start doing because for whatever reason, you haven’t been.

They will absolutely change your life. Trust me.

Give yourself the gift of time, effort and kindness.

You deserve it.