5 Things You Have To Consider Before Entering A New Relationship


1. Love yourself first.

I know it’s already an overused cliché. But what does it really mean to some of us? A lot of people tend to get into a wrong relationship because of so many reasons: loneliness, fickle-mindedness, boredom, and rushing into settling down. It’s sad that the term “love” has been underrated so many ways that we tend to forget the real meaning behind it. Loving yourself first means knowing what we want in life and doing everything to get it. It’s about prioritizing our own needs and improving our self-worth. I know a lot of people who are attached but aren’t happy because their partner doesn’t support their dreams and goals in life. We should first have a personal goal and dream to achieve.

2. Make peace with your past.

It can be a painful past that you still can’t forget or someone with whom you don’t have proper closure. Either way, it’s both something that we have to deal with before entering a new relationship. People have different ways of coping in pain, but the real question is how to bounce back from that bad experience. We should learn how to forgive ourselves and accept the fact that things happen for a reason. Better things will start to happen if we learn how to let go of the bad stuff.

3. Evaluate yourself based on your past relationships.

One obvious reason it’s already in the past is because it didn’t work out. Being single is a great time for you to process everything you have done in the past. Evaluate yourself by looking at your weakness in relationships and reasons why you had one in the first place. Weigh your options to know what you value most in a relationship. This doesn’t only help you improve yourself but will also help you improve your standards.

4. Value your sense of individuality.

A lot of people underestimate this factor maybe because of the saying, “no man is an island.” Sure, we all have our friends to be with us all the time so why bother doing stuff alone? I’m sure we have lots of friends to hang out with. But it’s also important that we give time for ourselves to have a sense of freedom and accomplishment to do things on our own. Isn’t it great when we can be happy with our friends and at the same time be happy going to a bookstore alone, watching movies alone, or eating alone? I know some of you might think that it’s weird to do those things by yourself, but when you master your sense of individuality, you learn to be happy with or without others, and no one can ever take that happiness away from you.

5. Timing is key.

Timing is an important factor in every relationship. We may meet the person for us right now, but if we meet them in the wrong situation or circumstance, it wouldn’t be successful. Trust and have faith. God never fails us. 🙂