5 Things That Happen When You Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows On Netflix


I’ve recently been guilty of marathon watching several TV shows on Netflix. We’re all guilty of this to some extent, but over the past few weeks and countless episodes of Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl and True Blood, I’ve learned the guilty pleasure that is binge watching has a few negative repercussions.

1. That mindless snacking habit can quickly turn into a mindless snacking problem.

Nothing makes a good TV night like vegging out on your favorite snacks, but when your TV night turns into days on end of marathon watching, snacking turns into a day-long meal and those calories add up! Maybe it’s the lack of activity from hanging out on my couch, or maybe it’s all the calories in my chips and salsa, but after a season or two of True Blood my pants are fitting a little too snug for my liking.

2. Your sleeping schedule is erratic.

I’ll be honest; my circadian rhythm is not what you would call “normal.” But there have been many a night where I have found myself exhausted from the day and desperately clinging to consciousness just so I could see what drama Blair or Serena would stir up next. This usually leads to chugging a sugary, caffeine-filled drink to stay awake and, well, refer to number 1.

3. Good hygiene goes out the window.

It’s Saturday morning and my hair smells like smoke from the bar the night before, but do I care? Nope! Is anyone around to judge if I am just a little less than clean if it means squeezing in extra episodes of my favorite show? Nope! I really don’t think Bill or Eric would mind. I mean, do vampires even take showers?

4. You develop legitimate crushes on your favorite characters, followed by outrage that they’re not actually real.

Two words: Tim Riggins. The guy has got it going on. He’s troubled, he’s sensitive, he is one hell of a football player. Not to mention he’s a great friend and total ladies’ man, in the best possible way. And best of all, the boy can wear some cowboy boots and jeans. Basically, he’s my dream guy and I’m still salty that he’s not my boyfriend IRL.

5. Your social life takes a back seat.

This is probably the worst side effect of binge watching. There have been more than a few Friday nights when I was “too tired” to go out because all I wanted to do was snuggle up with my cats and a blanket and dive right into my favorite show. All it takes is a quick text to my friends about how long and stressful my week has been and I’m free from social obligations to spend my weekend with my friends from Bon Temps or my teammates from Texas. Do I feel bad about this little white lie? Not one bit.