5 Things That Aren’t Okay To Do In Modern Relationships


1. Premature Marriage Proposals

While endearing and incredibly courageous, marriage proposals require the comprehension and planning of “perfect timing”, and if performed prematurely, can lead to potential catastrophe. Do not propose before a first date. The entire act of asking for someone’s hand in marriage is a moment to be shared and made special, but it should be when you know someone well enough to understand the dedication you’re asking. Marriage proposals will always be romantic, but asking before you’re even dating this person will cross the line into the territory of insecurity and desperation.

2. “I Miss You” Misuse

Just a little something for that someone to remind you their thoughts are consumed of you and when you’ll meet again. Their longing for your affection can produce butterflies in the tummy or a warmness in your heart, but if no more than two words have been exchanged between the two of you, a different emotion can develop and will misconstrue the original intention for which the phrase was made. Basically, do not use the phrase “I Miss You” if there’s nothing really there for you to miss. Yet.

3. Pick-up Lines/Anecdotes/Compliments with a Hint of Insult

Dating is a world filled with humor, irony, complication, compatibility, and interaction. First impressions are about keeping in mind your body language and verbal communication must coincide with one another in a confident and approachable manner. Sounds difficult. Because it is. There’s a lot going on in the heads of both the hunter and the hunted. Every little movement or comment can be easily misinterpreted and used to judge against the other. It’s terrible. The best, however, is to avoid the backhanded compliments or cringeworthy anecdotes of situations similar to the person in your current vicinity. Asking a woman if she’s pregnant or suggesting a gentleman may be lame simply by the color of his shirt will not survive long. If it does work, however, and both can have a sense of humor of the situation without offense, it could take you places. Go with it. Playful banter is good; insulting and passing judgment is not.

4. Don’t Insult Their Cat Just Because You’re Allergic (Personal Rant)

Having allergies to a specific animal or substance is a physical reaction of your body and differs entirely from an actual dislike of said animal or substance. It is never okay to say, ‘I fucking hate your cat’, let alone repeat it several times. I get it, you fucking hate my cat. But, it’s because you’re allergic, not because she’s actually an asshole who has intentionally injured or offended you. She just wants to cuddle. If you can’t cuddle with my cat, you can’t cuddle with me. Simple as that. Sorry, not sorry.

5. What Is Okay: Being Yourself

Genuine concern and understanding can hold more weight than anything passed as pure imitation for something better. Although incredibly cliche and cheesy, it’s true. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t ever pursue something or someone under the conditions that you must first change yourself into something you’re not biologically meant to be. The result of said actions can be detrimental to your self image and confidence. Acting is fun, but to do so on a semi-permanent conditional circumstance for another person’s satisfaction is complete and utter bullshit. You deserve to be happy, but as you are. If someone can’t accept you as you, forget it.