5 things only 30’s kids remember


a not dead franklin d. roosevelt

to most kids these days, fdr is just that guy they learned in history class who was super chill and hid his polio really well. to 30’s kids, however, we actually got to listen to fdr’s chill voice on our radios and hear whispers about him allegedly having polio

the great depression

the 20’s were all like ‘hey, we’re roaring’ and the 30’s were all like ‘hey, we are definitely not roaring and your ass is going to be broke because of it.’ 30’s kids had it super bad, took nothing for granted and had to work for every little thing they had. now you know why we’re are always harping on millennials for being lazy, entitled cry babies


remember the first three years of the 30s when drinking liquor could get you arrested because it was illegal? there was something romantic about drinking homemade whisky during college parties or helping ma and pa make moonshine in the bathtub for friday night bingo. now that one can drink alcohol without the reality of doing a bid at shawshank, it’s somehow less fun

the wizard of oz

watching a 30’s kid tell someone that they remember the day the wizard of oz opened in theaters is really something

the dust bowl

“the dust bowl was kinda like the super bowl” – a 30’s kid who doesn’t remember much about the dust bowl