5 Things In Modern Nerd Culture: Good Vs Bad


1. Video Games

Bad: The modern hardcore gamer, A.K.A. somebody who has put in copious amounts of time into a game, would say the worst thing about gaming is casual gamers, and I agree. There’s a certain amount of time and experience you have to put in that makes you a hardcore gamer.

Example of Casual Gamers: Half of Everyone Who Says They’re Gamers

Good: There is an endless, growing, amount of video games that provide a gateway out of your shitty day job to being Batman.

Example of a Great Game: Bioshock Infinite

2. Tabletop Games

Bad: Their reputation is heinous, being associated with lifeless nerds. Of course, so are many things on this list, but none as bad as tabletop gaming.

Example of Heinous Reputation: Dungeons and Dragons

Good: They’re fun, and let you flex your imagination.

Example of Great Table Top Game: Dungeons and Dragons

3. Anime

Bad: A good anime is, arguably, a diamond in the rough of regurgitated stereotypical storylines, and finding that diamond is a long journey.

Example of a Shitty Anime: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Good: The diamond in the rough shines. The beautiful storyline cut with cheesy, foreign jokes makes the hours fly by.

Example of Great Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

4. Building Your Own Computer

– Bad: The parts are expensive, and so are the warranties you have to have because there are so many defects in the parts of the computer.

Example of Broken Part Experience: When I made my computer, my mainframe had a slightly bent wire that made it completely useless which led to a battle to get a replacement from the site, newegg, I used. It took six months to get another one and then I had ot take it all apart and put it all back together.

Good: Your computer not only gives you lightning speed and amazing graphics, but also the bragging rights of making your own computer.

Example of Somebody Who Brags About Their Now Finished, Amazing, Computer: Me

5. Redditing/Going On Any Other Image Board

Bad: There’s a tie for bad things: 1. It’s not consistently funny. 2. You’re bound to find something, an image or some information, you wish you never found.

Example of Something You Don’t Want to See: Anything on r/spacedicks (NSFW)

Good: You’re a part of a community that you love-hate, and love-hates you in turn.

Example of a Community You Will Love-Hate: r/funny.