5 Things I Actually Learned In High School


Quoted as “The Best 4 Years of Your Life”, high school leaves an undeniable impression on the person you are and have become. Granted, I appreciate that I can list the general functions of a cell and recite the Pythagorean Theorem from memory, but what really resonates with me as I continue my post-grad life isn’t theorems and equations. These lessons that I’ve had the misfortune to learn were not taught through teachers nor textbooks, but by the pure experience of adolescence:

1. You Are Not a Number. (GPA, SAT, Exam Score)

Throughout mostly my Junior to Senior Year, the realization that GPA is important in the college application process hit me like a fucking truck going 80 mph. But once I graduated and started my college career, another realization hit me at the same speed. My boyfriend didn’t care what my class ranking was. My co-workers didn’t care about my SAT score. People didn’t befriend me on the basis of quiz scores and semester grades, but on my character, personality and Maybe-Its-Maybelline voluminous hair.

2. Your First Love Won’t Be Your Only Love

Unless you’re currently living a Nicholas Sparks book, chances are you are not going to get it right the first time. Young love is foolish love because what we want and who we want to be with changes continuously. Freshman year, I wanted to date a girl just like Emma Watson. Now, I’d prefer Harry Potter. #shithappens

3. Friends Will Leave You

If Destiny’s Child can break apart, so can you and your friends. The harsh reality is realizing that your best friend today could be a stranger by next year or even next month. People will continuously leave your life and friendships do fall apart, but never regret their presence and always be appreciative of their time in your life. If it was good, call it nostalgia. If it was bad, call it a lesson.

4. It Is Okay If People Don’t Like You

AKA it’s okay to have haters. (Am I still young enough to say that?) Regardless, there are literally billions of people out in there world. For every single person that hates you, there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who have yet to have the pleasure of meeting you. So focus your time and energy on befriending others, rather than caring about people who don’t even matter.

5. There Is A Life after High School

To all those still in high school, please remember that high school is (hopefully) only four years. That is it. A single chapter in your life. So if it sucks right now, then trust me. It will get better. SO much fucking better. You will learn so much about yourself in these short four years, but never regret any decision you make because it is all a learning experience.

*Unless that one time you thought it would be cool to cut your hair by yourself and end up shaving half of your head before it became a trend. Yeah, regret that completely.