5 Things Every INFP Wishes They Could Express To Their Crush


You’ve done it! You’ve attracted the attention of the INFP.

And once an INFP develops feelings for you, it’s not exactly simple for them.

We’re one of the overthinkers of the MBTI, but we’re always stuck somewhere in between optimism and pessimism. We value so many people, appreciating each and every kind of person like we appreciate art and stories. So when it comes to you, object of our infatuation and admiration, there’s something different.

1. We look at you and we see art.

The way you walk into the room is automatically what catches our attention because you’re something different, the kind of person that stands out in a way a different color does on a monochrome image. Every detail, from the way you shrug or tilt your head a bit when talking, is being sketched on a fabric in our memory. The sound of your voice, how you say our name, is playing on loops because nothing has ever reminded us of the excitement of hearing a song we’re just about to like.

2. Because of you we make art.

We’re in a mad dash to try to record everything you are making us feel. Capture the moment! I’ve found my muse! We’re writing poetry about how you remind us of a shooting star we weren’t expecting to see in the pitch black of night, when you suddenly smiled out of nowhere. We’re trying to see how well we could actually draw a cartoon version of you that doesn’t seem so obvious so we could post it on our art blogs.

3. Everything matters.

No matter how simple, the moments we’ve spent with you are all kept in a secret treasure chest in our minds and the feelings and nostalgia are in a swirling pool our hearts. It may be as simple as that time you ended up asking us what was happening because we were at the back of the room and you just got in late, or because you liked a post we shared on Facebook about that band we like.

4. Overthinking is happening like crazy!

We can’t like you. No way! Because maybe we’ve been hurt so many times before. Expectations don’t always end up a reality. Maybe we’re reminded of that person we once really liked and who only disappointed us and thought we were weird. What if that happens again? Besides, there’s no way you would like us the way we like you. We’re doomed…but wait, maybe there’s a chance. So many what ifs!

5. We wish we could get to know you more.

It’s actually that simple. We’re good at making friends in our introverted, awkward way, but since you’re a crush it’s harder for us to just go up and talk to you. You’re a mystery we want to decipher. You’re the reason we smile a lot these days and you don’t even know it. Nothing bothers an INFP more than things left unexpressed.

And so this is just another one of those ways to subtly hint to you how much you mean to us.