5 Survival Tips For Singles Who Dread Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a minefield of emotions for many singles of both sexes. Frustration with the media hype, loneliness, annoyance, sometimes anger – all can play a part if you’re a party of one on this holiday. I would recommend the following tips for single people to get through this over-flaunted day:

1. Don’t focus on what other people are doing.

This is what I call an “NGO”….No Good Outcome. Who cares what anyone else is up to?

Like Facebook, it’s a big veneer, an exciting story that people want the rest of the world to think about them and their perfect relationship. OR, it’s an exercise in earning brownie points to make up for something else! Believe me, looking in on other people’s lives is no reality gauge – a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner is no guarantee of a great ongoing relationship.

2. Don’t try to create a “fake Valentine’s Day” for yourself.

Yep. Been there done that. Nothing will get you feeling like you live in Loserville faster. Forget it. If you’re going to treat yourself, do it EVERY day, because you’re just plain awesome all of the time, not just Valentine’s Day!

3. Keep your mind on your life and goals.

Eyes front and forward….keeping focussed on the quality of your life and the exciting goals you have for yourself is more exciting than any one day could ever be. When you have inspiring things to achieve and look forward to, things that create value and contribution for yourself and others, you have all the warm and fuzzy feelings you need.

So spend some time on the day re-doing your Vision Board, clarifying your goals and setting some plans in place! There’s nothing like a feeling of progress to keep you on a high.

4. Do NOT call your ex!

OK, this is just a rule for life, not just for Valentine’s Day! Exes are exes for a reason – leave them in the past.

Calling them on Valentine’s Day….another No Good Outcome! You’ll only sound desperate and you’ll be scarlet with embarrassment the next day when you’ve had time to think about what you’ve done.

So if you’re the sort to get a bit tipsy and think a D&M with your ol’ flame is a great idea, either stay off the booze, or get a friend to keep you on the straight and narrow!

5. Spend time with friends or family.

If you are feeling a bit low, moping at home is not going to help. Get together with family or friends (with a Valentine conversation ban) and do something fun, uplifting or downright silly. Or go volunteer. No one can feel sorry for themselves when they focus on others.

Keep a cool head on Valentine’s Day – it’s a day like any other. Don’t let the commercialism and media hype get to you, do what feels good rather than what feels expected, and you’ll come out the other end smiling!