5 Situations When You Should NEVER Text A Guy


Hey you!

Put the phone down where I can see it.

Don’t. Type. Another. Word.


… now slowly pick the phone up…

… delete every word of that text…

… and put the phone away.

I just helped you avert a texting crisis.


It’s not always easy to know when it’s the right time to text a guy…

… but there are certain times when it’s definitely NOT the right time.

Save yourself the embarrassment, agony, and time.

Your life will be better.

Your Coach,

1. You Need to Have a Serious Emotional Conversation

I get it, real deal conversations are scary and they are especially scary when you have to do it in real life… but you have to do it. You have to push for those moments where you’re a little bit nervous, and rather than taking the “easy way out” and talking about your feelings and your emotions by text, you have to do that in person. Because so much of communication is lost when it’s over text.

So much of what you’re saying is through your body language, and it’s really how you say it. You can show that you’re really listening to them rather than the fact that it takes you seven seconds to respond, right? Wait and talk in real life, don’t take the easy road out.

2. When You’re Really, Really Drunk

Back when I was single, drunk texting was actually one of my favorite past times. “Hey baby, why don’t you just come over and I’ll caress you until the break of dawn?” But then I’d wake up the next morning and read the texts that I sent that night and it just says, “Want to get nasty?” … Not hot, didn’t work.

Now obviously, if you’re in a committed relationship or you’re together, you’re going to drunk text… that’s natural. But if you’re single and you’re drinking, use that time to go out and meet new people while you’re out, rather than texting with some dude from Bumble or Tinder that you messaged earlier that day. The only caveat is if you’re just trying to meet up and all you’re doing is texting logistics, but beyond that, avoid the drunk texting – it only ends with sadness and awkward morning reading.

3. When You Have Nothing that You Want to Say and You’re Only Looking for Validation

Guys have Spidey senses about when a woman texts us only looking for attention. If there’s literally no purpose to your text and you’re always initiating these kinds of purposeless texts, then you may want to go back out there and get a life in the real world.

4. When You’re in a Fight

As the internet age has progressed, I’ve noticed one thing about human nature: we’re way meaner by text than we’d ever be in real life. Now if you’re in a fight with someone and he keeps texting you, just answer with: “Look, how about we grab a cup of coffee later and just work this out?” What you’re doing is transitioning the fight from text to real life. It sounds really simple and it is, but a lot of us are guilty of just laying into someone and diving into the fight even further. The best thing to do is nip it in the bud, go meet that person in real life and work it out in real life.

5. You’ve Already Texted Him Today and He Hasn’t Responded Yet

Do you want to know the easiest way to turn a guy off even if he’s hundreds of miles away from you? Texting him multiple times during the day. Sometimes guys are just really busy and if someone hasn’t responded yet, there is a reason.

If it’s gone multiple days and they still haven’t responded yet, unless you’re worried that something might seriously have happened to them, there’s no reason to do anything except maybe call if you’re actually concerned. Don’t do the multiple texting, okay? He’s seen your text. He’s read it. He knows that it exists in the world, he just hasn’t had a chance to respond. Please don’t be the double-texter.