5 Simple Tricks That Will Help Release The Stress Of Your Quarter-Life Crisis


My brain keeps on rattling imagining a worst case scenarios about how one wrong decision can lead to a long life full of misery and regrets. Meanwhile I am almost getting hit by a car because my anxious mind is lightyears ahead of the street I am crossing right here in the present. For 30 seconds I am back at reality, before the anxious thoughts start to worry again about the future I almost lost an instant before.

“Gosh, why am I such a failure, why do I keep wasting time holding on to a downward spiral when I know well how I shouldn’t?” “Why is the world overwhelming me? I am not tougher than anyone else so please life, give me a break!” are phrases that I repeatedly tell myself at times I am being my own worst enemy again.

Do you recognize yourself in my story? Then you probably suffer from a quarter life crisis and you are actually going through a great transition from irresponsible, western brat who is bred among capitalism, into a responsible young adult with a strong mind who might truly change the world one day.

A quarter life crisis isn’t always easy and the pressure and expectations are incredibly heavy to carry around all by yourself. Whenever you feel like you are losing it again, here are some simple tips to temporarily enlighten your chest so with a full battery you can return to the trenches, battling the years in your 20’s.

1. Spent quality time with friends.

Although you will probably be tired after another long, stressful day, do take time to meet your friends. Once I sit down with my closest friends and finally dare to open up on how much I am fucking up in life, is when they start their complaints on how much they’re fucking up in life. Pardon me? So I am not the only one going through these rough paths that hopefully lead to successful adulthood? Nope! You are sharing this experience with only a zillion other 20-somethings who are struggling just as much as you are. Friends are the perfect reality check, because who other than your friends are willing to share their biggest weaknesses with you? Besides wining among each other what a bitch life can be, it is also the perfect opportunity to laugh the worries away at least onto another day.

2. Put your phone on flight mode during the day.

If you are already struggling with fulfilling expectations of yourself, your parents, friends, boy/girlfriend and the rest of the world who doesn’t even give a shit about you, you don’t need the pressure from meeting the expectation to reply to the nonsense in Whatsapp group-chats. Facebook rubbing in your face how well this chick from 6th grade is having it together, with the picture perfect images of her honeymoon at the Bahama’s will also not put things into perspective.

3. Find someone to cuddle.

It doesn’t really matter who, maybe your mom, a friend, your significant other or just a random stranger on the street. Everybody loves a cuddle and it is scientifically proven that cuddling releases stress. Trust me on this one, I gain this knowledge during one of my Google sessions on: ‘how to reduce that FUCKING STRESS FOR FUCK SAKE’. A proper cuddle will make you feel loved, special and safe. Sometimes that is all you need when you feel the world is coming down on you.

4. Watch videos of cute animals.

Do I really need to explain this one? No wonder kitten videos go viral on the internet. The moment I am watching cute pets, my heart fills up on all the love I thought I lost in bitterness again, which is making all my problems instantly vanish.

5. Enjoy sex.

Last but not least, sex always seems to be the solution to any problem. A steamy session will make you forget about the world and the pleasure from being touched can release all the tense muscles in your body within a second. A session that often ends with an intense orgasm that will take out all the remaining toxic energy. However keep in mind, putting too much pressure on coming, actually can float the sexual energy right back into the body which will only increase stress. No one to mate with, getting back in touch with yourself is just as sufficient.

Just take your time, sit back, relax and enjoy that tongue in-between your thighs! If tomorrow never comes, at least you came today!