5 Reasons You Should Never Be The Other Woman


Ladies, shall we begin by dissecting the basic facts about being the other woman? Has it ever occurred to you how degrading it is to settle as the girl he can’t be seen with in public? Or the girl he would constantly deny having any connections with? Or what about the girl who’s only good for him in bed? This trend has to stop.

1. Morals matter.

Screw the current hook up culture! Nothing beats a lady who respects herself. We all should find our inner strength to dump guys (no matter how irresistibly charming, dreamy or seemingly perfect they are) who are only there for a few sinfully fleeting moments. The thing about having your morals intact is that you will never throw yourself out there where those type of men, like a hungry pack of wolves, would instantly go in for the kill.

2. Karma is a bitch.

I have always believed that what you send out to the universe will come back to you at some point in your life. I have first hand experience with confronting my boyfriend’s other girl and it wasn’t as friendly as I hoped it would be. Turns out it was a sort of hobby for her to hook up with guys who are already committed. I’m leaving everything to good old-fashioned karma.

3. You deserve the spotlight. 

Mistresses will never take center-stage. Can you imagine living in the shadows, looking enviously at that one girl you’re trying to compete with from a far? Truth is, you’ll never make it to the cut as one of the competition. Being the other woman deprives you from any exclusive right to run the show because in reality, the man you’re having an affair with will always go back to his leading actress.

4. You deserve to be loved. 

If he can’t commit to you, if he can’t make you the only girl in his life, well that’s a clear sign that he’s not that into you. Maybe he is attracted to you because you guys are hooking up, but not all guys who you let inside your pants will love you. Sex doesn’t always involve love. It doesn’t leave you with any bragging rights, does it? You can’t show the world how cute you guys make as a couple because there’s really no you and him to begin with. It has always been her and him: the guy you’re trying to snatch away from the unsuspecting girlfriend, who in turn, happens to be clueless about your adulterous schemes. Would you still want to love someone who isn’t yours? Someone who can’t give out as much? Love should be a two-way process, and it’s not love if you are just a constant booty call for the guy.

5. Someone is out there.

Okay, so he might not look as hot as Ryan Gosling or maybe not as appealing as Robert Downey Jr. but I’m sure there’s a guy who would be willing to move mountains just to be with you. You can’t settle to be the least priority. You can’t lose hope because somebody is out there who is meant to fill that little hole in your heart. I know it is a wonderful feeling to love and to be loved in return. Everybody yearns for that and at the right time you will find him or he will find you, whichever fits. The problem with you might be the fact that you may just want to validate your female ego..as if stealing another woman’s guy will make you any better. It won’t. You’re making yourself look worthless by scavenging for leftovers.

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