5 Reasons You Should Ditch The Itinerary Before You Hit The Road


Alright. We get it. It’s really more efficient and convenient when you have a prepared itinerary before leaving for a tour or vacation. Yes, there is nothing like following something, it’s much easier and less hassle. But sometimes, convenience doesn’t make us grow. As deep and as cheesy as that sounds, that’s completely true. In our world today, the youth would often go for things that are close to their comfort but we all have to know that in order to experience the real world, we must go out of our comfort zone. When we go out of our comfort zone, we will be challenged to do things we’ve never done before.

If you wanna know more about the reasons why you should stop making itineraries, see below:

1. You will explore more.

Right. You will explore more. When you know where you are heading but you don’t know how you’ll get there, you will be challenged to ask strangers. You will be challenged to find the right pathways to get there. That’s where the true adventure starts.

2. You will find hidden gems.

There are many more undiscovered coffee shops, abandoned places, art museums etc. in the world and if you start ditching your itinerary, you will surely find hidden gems. Backpackers love the idea of finding spots that are not usually frequented by a lot of people and that is one great thing about not making itineraries. You just follow the map or whatnot and along the way you’ll be able to see things you haven’t discovered yet.

3. Because it’s better to get lost sometimes.

Admit it – while it’s scary at most times, there are times where you really just enjoy the idea of getting lost somewhere. There’s some sort of pleasure in not knowing where to go and figuring out how you’ll get there. Like what people always say, sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself!

4. Pre-arranged trips don’t usually go according to plan.

Seriously, most planned trips don’t usually happen. Pet peeve, right? This is why sometimes it’s better to let go of your itinerary and just be spontaneous. Spontaneity is the key to having your adventure of a lifetime!

5. Because itineraries are kinda boring.

Yes. Sure there will be itinerary apologists lurking in here, but itineraries are boring. 90% of the itineraries are not really followed by most travel agencies, enthusiasts and frequent travelers. To level up your adventure game, let go of the itinerary.

We all know how helpful itineraries are. They are normally used as guides in order to know the sequence of trips per day that a certain group or soloist wants to follow. But like what is said above, sometimes it’s better to not have a plan at all. Surprise yourself! Book that one-way ticket somewhere and explore!