5 Reasons You Should Date A Cat Lady


Well it seems cats have become “trendy” now. I couldn’t help myself but purchase underwear from Urban Outfitters that say, “Take these off right meow” and a skirt from H&M covered in black cat faces.

The hashtags #caturday and #catsofinstagram are also “all the rage.” So…cat ladies should be considered sexy now, right? Wrong.

I grew up always being a dog lover with stickers of black Labradors and making trips to pet shops just to say “awww” at the puppies in the window. I absolutely despised cats. They creeped me out. I pictured them staring me down and clawing at my face and they can’t even go on walks! What’s the point?

Well, it wasn’t until I saved this little, dirty, flea-covered black kitten that I began my kitten craze. When I picked him up out in the middle of nowhere, he was kept in a chicken coop and they said “Oh we won’t miss that one. We didn’t even pet him or name him.”

Suddenly my mother instincts were in full gear. I took him home and cleaned him up and named him Robb after Robb Stark, of course. Maybe I’m a little Game of Thrones obsessed… anyway to my point.

I never realized how unattractive I would become to men just for having a cat. Now when I go on dates, I immediately have to mention that oh by the way, I have a cat. I am the same exact person I have always been as a dog lover, but somehow a cat became a make or break in dating.

Oh, you are allergic to my cat? You can’t come over then. There have been numerous times when a guy would go out of their way to call my cat bad names and I would just stare at them blankly and then politely show them the door.

But you see, us “crazy” cat ladies are actually a catch. Once we find someone who has clear sinuses around our feline child, we are actually a lot more dateable BECAUSE we have/had a cat.

Here are some reasons why:

1. We know how to deal with mood swings.

One minute my cat is purring in my ear and the next I hear shredding of paper in the distance.

2. We are on-demand cuddle partners.

Anyone with a cat knows, your cat chooses when it is cuddle time. No one can honestly say they can turn down their fluff of love snuggling up to them. If you do, you might just have an ugly cat.

3. We know how to live without technology.

There are two reasoning’s behind this philosophy. First, my cat has probably eaten 10 of my chargers. So yes, I have learned to do without my computer and cell phone for extended periods of time. Secondly, my cat gives me computer time outs when he decides that the keyboard is a bed. So hey, in relationships, we will do just fine if you lie down on our computer and ask for some quality time. We’re used to it!

4. We are neat freaks.

Well, we have to be. My roommate would be shocked to read this since I do tend to have a messy room. But my cat actually forces me to be clean. He will get into anything and everything. Plus two words… LITTER BOX. Us cat ladies know how much our cat enjoys cleanliness; so fellas, we are keepers. Your socks on the floor – folded and in a drawer instantly. Otherwise they’d be eaten.

5. We aren’t needy.

Duh, we have a cat. What do we need you for anyway?