5 Reasons Why You Should Travel That Have Nothing To Do With Making People Jealous On Instagram


So it’s the start of 2019 and most of your friends’ social media are probably already filled with #travelislife or #travelmore, effectively giving you FOMO. Like you need to pack your bags too and be part of that Instagram-worthy phenomenon.

Well, here’s the thing: you can travel too and join the bandwagon effect, but you can do it with a bigger purpose, without ruining the life and soul of traveling. So here are five reasons why you should travel for healthy reasons:

1. To diversify your horizons

Going to different places is seeing different people with different stories to tell. Traveling is a personal escape from reality, from people’s drama, from the pressures of life itself. When the eyes travel, you get to discover the world from a different perspective. You get to see new angles. New colors. New arts and manifestations of humanity. It bestows a brighter picture that life is not only isolated in the four corners of the building you work in, and that there is actually a bigger world out there. Traveling is also an outlet to detoxify and get kick-started back to life. And more than that, you get to know yourself better and unravel the inner workings of the universe.

2. To learn and see how far you can go

Traveling provides an opportunity to learn a different language. Different flavors. It is a new environment for creativity, especially if there is a direct interaction with the locals. It helps you discover the authenticity of a certain culture and how the place is different from the rest of the world. It makes the mind sharper and the heart braver. Aside from that, it takes you to unfamiliar situations where your skills and patience are tested. Traveling is not always as anticipated. Sometimes there are flight delays, long terminal lines, and even sudden calamities, things that test your resilience and compassion for others. To be out of your comfort zone leads to realizing that there are larger problems in life, that sometimes you are fortunate enough not experience certain difficulties that other people face. And all of these unique experiences make you want to take a look your principles in life again and realize that you should be, at least, grateful.

3. To reinvent yourself

Because you are too busy in your everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of what is already in your hands, of what you are already capable of. Traveling can pave way to self-healing, in leaving the dark past behind, and instead turn bruises into an opening for the light to enter your soul. Exploring nature provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of faith and spirituality, about your greater purpose in life. To listen to the gushes of the wind, the sounds of breaking waves, the chirps of birds—these reconnect you to the outside force and to the universe inside of you. Sometimes, traveling is an enlightenment that there is greatness within you and you are bound for greater things. Your footprints can be the stepping guide for others.

4. To give yourself a reward

After all the hard work and the job well done, either big or small, it is important to treat yourself once in a while. Traveling is a venue to celebrate for both your downfalls and salvation. And before all else, your explorations can be converted into a different kind of satisfaction that stays with you for all time, that you can draw on when your youth is no longer around and your grandchildren ask for some bedtime stories.

5. To be part of a bigger community

To witness extraordinary things, in various walks of life, is a privilege beyond price that traveling can offer. Traveling is not only a thrill for exploration but also for new acquaintances. With people you meet along the way, you get to be more curious and sensitive to other people’s ways of living. You get to learn the importance of keeping a friendly attitude. And more than that, traveling leads you to a common ground with other people and the realization that no matter what part of the globe you come from, you are fundamentally the same as the others. This unique accomplishment makes you a well-rounded global citizen.

Go and travel with a purpose. With no regrets. And bring the memories with you wherever life takes you. Share your stories with people. Make them smile. Move them.