5 Reasons We Can’t Be Friends After Our Long Relationship


I mentioned in another article that I was in a 7 year long relationship not too long ago. Throughout those seven years that man and I went through so many different situations together. We went from being friends, to being in love and depending on one another. We went through the rough times, fighting, our own personal issues, breaking on and off. You would think after basically going from hell and back, good times and bad times, we would’ve made it. Well, this is why we cannot be friends anymore, even though you want to be.

1. It’s Awkward Now.

You love me still, I don’t love you anymore. This just makes our friendship very uncomfortable. Even when I tell you that I’m no longer in love with you, you still are trying to find that light. I’m sorry, but it’s just not going to work. So, because you cannot accept that, we no longer can remain friends. Also, the questions, over and over, are killing me. “Are you sure you don’t love me still, even a little bit?” No. For the last time, I don’t.

2. Friends & Family.

Sorry to say, but my family and friends really aren’t your biggest fans anymore. Maybe you didn’t do anything wrong, and maybe you’re the one who got your heart broken, but they still know why I did it. Unfortunely, a lot of our friends were, well mutal friends. So now, if we both were hanging out with them it would make them uncomfortable as well. As for my family…of course they are on my side with this. No matter that case it is, they wanted me to break up with you before I even had the thought, so they basically threw a goodbye party for you when we broke up.

3. I Don’t Want To Mislead You.

Let’s be honest here, if we hang out then you might get the wrong idea. If I say something just a little bit the wrong way, or do something that you might see as flirtatious then you’re off to the races. If I give you an inch you will run a mile. We have tried it before, and it ended up that way, so what makes this time different? It is over. I don’t know why you don’t see this. I can’t even answer your calls or respond to your messages, because if I do I’ll get blown up for the next week!

4.  I Don’t Love You Like I Used To.

When we first started dated I loved everything about you. The little quirky ways you did certain things was adorable to me. As the years went on, those cute little habits became more and more obnoxious. Seriously, do you have to have to bob your head all weird for every song? I’m sorry, but overtime we change, and we grow. I grew up, and I grew over you. We no longer have that spark we had, it slowly became dimmer and dimmer the more time went on. I wish you could fall out of love with me. I wish you could move on, and find someone else that will love you. I really do, because I don’t anymore

5. Memories.

We have too many memories for me to even want to see you. There are good ones, and bad ones of course. The good ones make me happy, they remind me of all the fun we had. The bad ones though, those are the ones that remind me of why we can no longer be together. We don’t mix well, like oil and water. Are bad habits just intertwined with one another, making them even worse. Out of all the memories, the bad out way the good. I’ll still remember our trips we went on, and remember how much we enjoyed them. I’ll always remember family get togethers, and weddings we attended etc. But I cannot be reminded of those bad ones. I don’t want to relive them, and I don’t have to. I never have to put myself back into that position again. So, the best way for me to try to forget, is to try not be reminded. Which, I’m sorry to say, is to not see you again.

After trying on and off for that long of time, you have to snap back into reality. Eventually you have to do what is best for yourself, even if you have to cut off someone you use to love. Like I said, everyone changes throughout time, its unstoppable. With those changes though, you can choose to embrace them, or keep trying to live in the past.

I prefer to move on, and embrace change. Who knows what the next chapter of your life will bring you? You won’t know unless you try!