5 Reasons To Let Go Of The Boy Not Meant For You


1. He’s a constant reminder that you’re not good enough (for him).

No matter how much you try, every angle you hit, he’ll only ever tell you why he doesn’t love you. He’ll constantly compare you to all of the girls he has had in the past or currently wants. Reminding you of all the things they possess that you never will. Yet, he will take you into his arms when he’s drunk and lonely telling you you’re the best thing he’s ever had. News flash—you’re his practice round for the real thing. You’re the preseason, he’s looking for the NBA, and you just don’t cut it.

2. He’ll treat you like sh!t; you’ll treat him like a god.

He takes out his anger on you when another girl is mean to him or doesn’t give him what he wants. You’re his punching bag. You think that if you can withstand his hurtful words and “see” through his bull-crap that it somehow makes you tough and he’ll want you more. Unfortunately, in reality, you’re only enabling his childish behavior which is doing neither of you any good.

3. He’ll tear you down only to bring you up when he’s lonely.

He’ll scream and yell at you, telling you he’ll never love you because he’s insecure with himself. You’ll threaten to block him and maybe you actually will. Until, he finds a way to get in contact with you, telling you sweet nothings:

• I’m sorry, I’m an asshole
• I’m a child, I know, you’re right
• You don’t deserve something like this, I’m so sorry

But 5 minutes later, after his “apology” he’ll ask if you want to hang out later. You’ll give into him, say yes, and if you’re lucky maybe for a week, he’ll be nice to you. Then repeat.

4. He’ll never appreciate, respect, or understand your worth.

If he’s treated you like sh!t once, apologized, and still hasn’t changed then he has nor never will appreciate, respect, or ever understand you.

5. You’ve got to grow up and start loving yourself because he sure never will.

Screw his bull-crap. Maybe it was cute then, but it shouldn’t be now. You need to grow up and so does he. If you really love him you’ll cut him out of your heart and out of your life. Do this so you can regain love for yourself that you lost giving to him. All you can do is hope that maybe he can do the same.

We all want to be someone’s everything, but you just have to accept the fact that you’re not his. Take what Drake says, “It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the world that you had with…” one guy. I wish you all the best.