5 Reasons Gloves Are Getting Weird


I mentioned yesterday that, with the exception of (fake) fur coats, there is nothing about the end of summer that I look forward to. Well I lied; there’s one more aspect of the summer-to-fall transition that I joyously accept with open arms and an open heart: closed-toe shoes. Or, put differently: the relief of no longer having to look down at my bare feet and think: “Stop. Just stop this nonsense right now; you’re pitiful.” l’ll even celebrate the fact that I no longer have to endure the silent yet biting judgment from Primps and Polish when I pass their shop while wearing sandals.
And while my hands and fingernails aren’t victims to this same type of neglect, the thought of being able to throw on a pair of gloves and forget all about the jar of sparkles that vomited on my nails underneath still excites me.
“But gloves?” you’re probably saying, “For fall?” I bet you’re thinking this sounds a bit unseasonable — even weird. You’d be right.

1. Muffs.

So, muffs are a thing. And I guess I could use one if I’m ever invited to the opera. But barring that, I really don’t think I’m cut out for them; frankly, I don’t trust myself with a muff. They just don’t seem…conducive to eating pizza. And yet, despite this very real concern, Céline still made one. How do you figure that?

2. Extra long-sleeves.

I’m not even sure what “yaaaass” denotes, but I’m still fairly certain that this extra long-sleeves look calls for it. And the brilliant thing about this is you won’t have to keep track of another pair of gloves.

3. Dishwashing gloves.

So at first when I saw Victoria Beckham wearing a pair of these in the September issue of Vogue UK I thought this must be a glitch — surely some kind of mistake. But you know what they say: the writing on the shirt never lies and here hers clearly states that she doesn’t wash dishes. Then I stumbled on Adriana Lima’s photo in the new Pirelli Calendar wearing a pair too, effectively solidifying the dishwashing gloves’ appeal. And what can I say? It’s chic.

4. Arm warmers as gloves.

The cool thing about these is you WON’T be too cool, even if you are wearing nothing more than a strapless dress and sandals, like Queen Julia below.