5 Products Every Girl Needs In Her Makeup Bag


Aside from making us girls look just as beautiful on the outside as we do in the inside, makeup is like that dust of magic that helps us stay confident throughout the day. In this blog post, I will be enumerating five products I believe every girl should carry in her makeup bag as well as giving product recommendations.

1. Lip balm: One of the things I can’t live without is lip balm. My lips often get chapped throughout the day, so I always make sure to carry one incase dry patches of skin start to appear on my lips (TMI, I know). My personal favourite is Vaseline, as it’s one of those products that’s got more than one use.

2. Sun screen: It’s very important to apply SPF on not just your body, but your face as well. Make sure to keep at least a 10 ml tube whenever you’re on the go, just in case. My personal favourite is the Clinique Anti-Pollution City Block sun screen as it’s got SPF 40 and doesn’t feel greasy or cake up on the skin whatsoever.

3. Concealer: Seeing as I don’t use foundation, I rely on concealer in order to make my face look flawless when I’m on the go. I recommend carrying around one in a salmon-y colour (to cover up horrid under eye discolouration) as well as another one that’s yellow-toned (to cover up any redness, blemishes or acne scars). My personal favourites are Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up, as well as Collection’s Lasting Perfection; they feel lightweight, blend really easily into the skin, and don’t cake up.

4. Face Powder: I recommend carrying around a face powder when you’re on the go in order to ensure that your face doesn’t get shiny throughout the day. My favourite powder of all time is Rimmel London’s Stay Matte because it doesn’t alter the shade of your concealer and foundation.

5. Makeup Brushes: If you are the type of girl that hates getting her hands dirty when applying makeup, I recommend having at least two makeup brushes in your bag: one to apply face powder and another to blend in your concealer. My personal favourites are from Real Techniques and ELF, as they’re really soft and pick up the product/s ever so nicely!