5 Practical Life Lessons We Can Learn From ‘The Bachelor’


1. Broken hearts heal.

No matter how publicly embarrassed you may be on national television, you can always come back from it. People go into that last rose ceremony expecting to get engaged and end up flat-out rejected for the world to see. Great television, but I can’t imagine the toll that takes on your heart. The good news is: if America loves you enough, you can come back next season as the ringleader (aka the Bachelor or Bachelorette) and play the game on your terms. Let’s just hope America loves ya…

2. Kindness counts.

The only way to live in a house full of girls dating your boyfriend is… well, to make friends with them. This goes against every instinct we might have in the real world, but in the mansion, only the strong survive. Having said that, the only way to be strong is to have friends. You have to remain somewhat emotionally stable and there’s no tv, magazines, or even Instagram to take your mind of things… What’s a girl to do?!

3. Chemistry is important!

Time might be one of the most important aspects to winning, but there is no beating chemistry. Having that spark is crucial and something you really just can’t fake. It’s the one thing that sets apart front-runners from the pack.

4. Food sets the mood.

In other words, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In last night’s episode, Spanish chefs taught us that “once you can cook, you are ready for marriage.” While that might mean I have a long way to go that goes give some quality insight into life.

5. Fantasy isn’t reality.

Travels through Bali and Europe are not your everyday dates. Don’t go shell out a bunch of dough so you can explore the world in hopes of finding love. Don’t expect your man to either. Love the life you live and don’t expect helicopter rides or castle picnics around every corner. Stick to your own reality and making that special. It will be if you’re with the right person.