5 Perks Of Being The Perpetually Single Friend


As a 20-something woman, I know how hard the dating world can be; what’s worse, though, is that I’m only half-pretending that I know how hard the dating world can be. The truth is, I’ve learned everything I know from watching my friends fall in and out of romances with all types of men. I, on the other hand, haven’t “dated” since the eighth grade, when dating used to consist of going to the movies every Friday with five of your friends and five of his friends. Basically, I’ve been out of commission for quite some time. I’ve had my fair share of make out sessions on college apartment couches, but no men seem to want to actually be in a relationship with me, or even take me on a date, for that matter. I’m not going to lie, I tend to feel a little lonely sometimes when I send that “what are you doing tonight?” mass text to all my girlfriends, who are with all their boyfriends. I know I’m not alone, though; there is always (presumably) one perpetually single friend in every group and, if you’re that person, listen up, because life isn’t so bad all the time.

1. You have SO much me time

Think about it: when all your friends are complaining about how clingy their significant others are, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of self-reflection, and enjoying things that truly make you the happiest version of yourself. If I had a boyfriend, do you think I’d have the time to watch almost every movie in the “strong female lead” category on Netflix, sing karaoke to my dog, and learn every homemade mac and cheese recipe known to man? Hell no.

2. You learn how to handle a relationship

Chances are, your best friends will always come to you with the latest drama about their significant others. The great thing about being the single one is that you can learn from their situations without actually having to deal with the problem yourself. This makes you both wise and free of emotional damage and baggage for your future boyfriend or girlfriend to handle later. Think of yourself as a beautifully marinated steak that won’t be charred by the time it gets to its final destination.

3. You don’t have to spend money on anyone else

This is so important. Honestly, what’s better than not having to dish out $200 for tickets to an NFL game that you don’t even want to see? The answer: Nothing. Go buy yourself a nice new outfit instead… Or food. I mean, who doesn’t love food?

4. You can play the field

Even though you may not be happy being as single as you are, you’ll always have at least one friend who is jealous of your romantic freedom. Even if your last resort is going on tinder dates, you aren’t bound to one person. If you really wanted, you could have all the perks of a significant other without actually having one; the best part is that all this can be done with more than one person in a weekend, unlike all your committed friends. No boredom here!

5. Your friends make great wingmen/women

Let’s be honest: your friends have probably tried to set you up with one of their significant others’ friends. Usually that doesn’t work; what does work, on the other hand, is when they are your main support system at every party or bar stop. In the rare event that they come out with you on a Friday night, they are always determined to help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right, or Right-For-The-Night. Either way, they know every wingman pick-up line in the book, and will not stop at any cost until you are satisfied.