5 Of The Best Life Lessons That 2018 Has Given Me


1. No matter how life seems difficult, be grateful always. Sometimes, we’re surfing in the water and the next thing we know we are already drowning. Sometimes, we’re up in the air and the next thing we know we are already crawling in the mud. Life is a big box of wake-up calls. Yet despite all these, we’ve got to open the box and welcome things with a grateful spirit. A grateful spirit is, after all, close to the heart of the universe, to its beauty and abundance.

2. Life’s greatest lessons come from failures, not successes. To fail is to live. Failure is heartbreaking, but it’s also a stepping stone to success. It is an indicator that we need to try harder, that we have to take better action and be more confident even with the smallest details.

3. Talents are meant to be shared. We are all born equal and unique in our own ways. But what makes some people superior to other people is they have the audacity to take the risks, to try and fail, and go against the conventional. Not using God’s gifts is a tragedy. It is a failure by itself. God has bestowed us talents because these add value to the world. Somewhere out there, even our smallest talents are needed. And we’ll never know the impact they could bring to some people. So just try to showcase them for the whole world to see. Don’t be selfish.

4. Pray harder. Prayer is an intimate conversation with the Higher Power. To ask for something means believing in it to come. Any visualization or mental picture is the substance of things that are hoped for and the evidence of things that are yet to come. Act as though your wishes are already in your hands, and they will be.

5. Whatever happens, be compassionate always. Life is not always carefree. Sometimes, our world is shaken. Sometimes, there is a shipwreck. Sometimes, bridges burn. But these things happen for us to be relocated to the place where we should be. Although the experience of going through the entire process is often distressing and difficult, we have to remember that life has always something good to offer and we must focus on the positive. And being compassionate, amid all of these, is a life lived to the fullest.