5 Money Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Success


We take money for granted, sort of like having a roof over our heads and indoor toilets. The truth is though that we don’t really understand money. Many of us have struggled or still do in 9 to 5 jobs that leave us drained, unfulfilled, and questioning what more there is to life. The main reason why we continue showing up to our desks is not that we’re masochists; it’s the necessity for money. And here’s the problem.

We’ve been taught how to use money but not how to be the boss of it as opposed to its slave. There are some very toxic money beliefs out there that have been instilled in us from a young age. Once we identify and correct those, we’ll finally be free to pursue our dreams and truly be the bosses of our careers.

1. Money is hard to get

This one is the most popular toxic belief out there. If you’ve seen your parents or friends struggle to make a dime, you’re probably conditioned to think that this is the reality for everyone. That’s a lie.

Money is just energy. Just like the phone you’re holding, and the food you’re eating, money is purely a concept that has a physical manifestation of paper bills or a plastic credit card. All that money is, is the exchange of help and goods between people.

Back in the day when currency didn’t exist, people simply exchanged goods on the market. If you wanted shoes and the shoemaker wanted two bags of potatoes, that was a deal. Today, you can still experience this way of trade in places like Morocco and Turkey.

Once you take the physical interpretation of money out of the equation, things begin looking much simpler and less intimidating.

2. Making money isn’t fun

Making cash doesn’t necessarily mean doing something you hate for someone else who deems it necessary. Sadly, this is what most office jobs have become nowadays. Plugging in numbers into spreadsheets, making cold calls, and sending countless emails sure pays the bills, but there’s another way.

Newsflash: you can make money by doing what you love. Look at social media stars like Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella); she loved cooking so much, that she began posting pictures and blogging about it and ended up making a ton of cash from two book deals, a line of granola, and a physical shop. Then there’s Greta Rose Van Riel, who became a millionaire in her 20s by selling tea and watches on Instagram.

The point is that making money can and should be fun. In fact, the more fun you have with your job, the more money you’ll make. Making money can, in fact, bring you a great deal of happiness.

3. A 9 to 5 job is the only way to make money

Again, there are so many bosses and entrepreneurs out there. You don’t need a physical desk or an office. All you need is an idea, a decent online site you can create in a few hours, and the courage to pursue what you love. (the latter is the hardest part of all)

If you prefer the security of working for someone established, you can do so remotely. The key here is to have a killer resume in order to land a job that will give you the freedom of movement combined with the mentorship of the company. Your resume should always reflect your true self and the person you want to become in the future, as opposed to who society says you should be. Never settle for average.

4. If you’re not from a rich family, you’ll never get rich

By now, we’ve seen that the “American Dream” is dead to a large extent. That said, however, you can always change your circumstances. I was born in an average family in Eastern Europe but thanks to studying a ton when I was young, I managed to get a killer education and more importantly learned that I could leave my original environment and do whatever I want.

Eight years after leaving my birth country, I’m making more than ten times the money my old friends make a year. While the situation you were born in certainly sets you up at the beginning of your career, you’ve got all the power to change your reality. You can always talk to the successful people you admire and ask for mentorship. There are tons of free courses online to teach you profitable skills. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and some enthusiasm.

5. Having lots of money makes you a bad person

Many people associate being rich with being evil, sort of like the Cruella De Vil type. If this is you, get that thought out of your head immediately. Being rich gives you power, and you can use that power to make a difference on a small or large scale.

Look at Bill and Melinda Gates; their foundation is helping millions of people around the world to fight diseases and poverty. This could be you. Being rich simply means that you’ve followed your passion and put in the work. If you’ve got good intentions, which I’m sure you do, money will empower you to do great things.

So rethink your relationship with money and begin enjoying your work to the fullest.