5 Integral Lifestyle Habits Truly Confident People Live Every Day


1. They care more about quality than quantity.

Confidence tends to be associated with quantity, like how many cars a person has, how many “friends” they have, how many girls they get, how many pairs of shoes they own, how big of a house they live in- none of which actually proves to be of quality. These people might seem, confident, but these things certainly don’t guarantee that they are. In fact, many people choose to hide their insecurity behind a lavish lifestyle. It’s why a person can have all the money in the world and still feel like they’ll never have enough. A confident person will place ultimate value on the things that are of quality. Things like friendship, love, nature, peace, integrity, kindness- things that bring a certain confidence that assures even without all of the fancy things, you can still the best version of you, and life can still be just as wonderful. It is a confidence that does not require any outside interventions, it simply is, and it radiates.

2. They make mistakes.

Mistakes are things that happen when you try. If you’re making mistakes, it means you’re learning, and as long as you’re learning, growth is inevitable. The thing is that mistakes are painful sometimes. Often they come with unexpected consequences. Many see mistakes as roadblocks, closed doors, a symbol of failure and regret, but for some, our mistakes are seen as the stepping stones that guide us through our individual journeys. With each mistake comes a lesson, and in each lesson, there is an opportunity to become a person better and more capable than the day before. When you let your mistakes discourage you, you are giving failure the power it desires over you, but when you let your mistakes motivate you, that power is bestowed upon nobody but you.

3. They don’t get intimidated, they get inspired.

The most confident people I know are not frightened by the unknown but rather excited by it. The idea that today they are somebody, but tomorrow they can be an entirely different person, the thrill of designing life as it comes to you, the fact that anything can happen- it’s not intimidating, it’s inspiring. It’s so easy to send our minds into an information overload, overthinking absolutely everything. We think about possible scenarios, outcomes, and risks, to the point where we let fear settle inside of us, and fear is paralyzing.  You might have a lot of hope for something to work out a certain way, but no one can know for sure what lies ahead. Confident people understand that when everything you don’t yet know excites you instead of frightens you, the possibilities are endless.

4. They build others up.

A confident person is not concerned with feelings of envy. They understand that there is more than enough success, happiness, love, confidence- whatever it may be, to go around in this world. They are not threatened by others, and they do not view these things as scarce resources. Confident people find joy in inspiring others. They generously want to share the happiness they feel with the world. They do not talk down on others or sabotage, instead, they build others up. They inspire others to be confident in themselves. They inspire others to be the bet they can be.

5. They know how to let go.

Confidence can easily be grouped with conceitedness and feelings of entitlement, but really, confidence and a person’s ego are two completely separate things. An entitled person might believe everything they want is meant for them and that they are entitled to it, while a confident person understands that they are not the center of the universe. They understand that not everything is meant for them, and they know the importance of knowing when to hold on is just as important as knowing when to let go. A confident person is not only confident in themselves, but in everything and everyone around them. They are ok with letting go because it only means that what they are holding on to is meant for somebody else, and they know that it is necessary to let go of things not meant for them in order to welcome the things that are meant for them.