5 Important Reasons Why You Should Date A Frequent Traveler


Traveling is one of the best things you can do while you are young. Aside from it, having someone beside you during long hours of travel is the best feeling in the world. You have all the freedom to date anyone you like because it is a decision that needs a lot of thinking. And it is only you who can choose the person you will love for the rest of your life. But if we could suggest you someone, we’d tell you to go and date a frequent traveler. Dating a traveler can open new experiences to you. If you also like traveling then the both of you are definitely a perfect match.

Still having second thoughts? Here are the five reasons why you should date a frequent traveler:

1.You get to talk about different places

Having someone to talk to regarding the best places to visit is an amazing feeling. Dating a traveler is great because they could share their experiences in different countries and you could also share yours. Communication is one of the best factors to a healthy relationship and it is best when you have someone to talk to about the things both of you have in common just like the love for traveling. Talk about the trip you had weeks ago. Ask about the best countries to visit during summer. It’s all about building up rapport and natural connection.

2. A frequent traveler has experienced different kinds of culture

Yes. If someone has been to a lot of places, chances are he/she has already encountered different kinds of people. With that said, they are more renewed and patient. Being able to converse and engage yourself with people will make you mature not just as a person but as a lover. If you choose to date a traveler, you are dating someone who is mature enough to fight for your love regardless if anyone is against your union.

3. They are brave-hearted

Like what is said, they’ve been to a lot of places. They’ve met a lot of people. They already know the ins and outs of this wickedly beautiful world. They sure already know how to handle things and how to make decisions. Dating a brave-hearted person is great because you know that your love will last for a long period of time because their hearts have been tested by different experiences just like yours. Brave hearts who date must have strong faith.

4. You will experience a wonderful adventure

Dating a traveler isn’t just about traveling the world together, dating a traveler means doing things you haven’t done before. May it be about sex or anything, it’s perfectly normal to have fun. Relationships aren’t just about making cute sweet notes or giving of flowers and chocolates. Break the rules. Let loose and scream. It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone. Sex is also a huge part in any kind of relationship. Be open-minded, be true and be adventurous. As long as you do things safely, nothing will harm your relationship.

5. You will have a travel buddy

This is probably one of the most important reasons why you should date a frequent traveler. Sure it’s fun to travel alone but nothing’s more exciting than traveling with the one you truly love. If you date a traveler, you no longer have to do things on your own. You have someone to share your stories with during an 8-hour flight to your destination. You have someone to share your noodles if you can longer finish it. You have someone who will be there to take care of you if you ever get sick after climbing the highest mountain in the world. Love is beautiful when you travel together because you are not just experiencing the world together, you are also making your relationship stronger.