5 Fears All Humans Have That Are Connected To Everything Else


Human fear more often than not, falls into one of these 5 categories. Perhaps when we identify what a fear is, we can set that fear free.

We can look at things from a perspective of letting go of the fear that has made us trapped.

1. Fear of disappointment.

Many of us have a fear of being let down by people or situations. Perhaps because we have been heartbroken in the past. This of course goes into fear of rejection as well. We don’t like being rejected because it’s downright disappointing.

2. Fear of failure.

Many people have a huge fear of failing or not doing good enough.

3. Fear of success.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many people tend to fear being successful. Success requires leaving what’s comfortable. It involves feeling differently, evolving, and perhaps seeing the world differently.

4. Fear of the unknown.

There are a lot of people who simply just don’t like change. They don’t want to jump into the unknown because it’s so uncharted, uncomfortable, and new.

5. Fear of loss.

There are people who are afraid to go out and truly live. They are afraid that they will lose something or someone important to them. They are afraid of life taking away the old to bring in the new.

Is there something that you’re afraid of?

What is it?

Which of the above fears is feeding it?

How can you get over this fear?

Almost anything that you’re not doing because you’re afraid, can be targeted by identifying which one of the above fears is fueling it.

For example, someone may be very afraid to start a business. It could be any of the above fears that’s causing them to be afraid of taking the necessary action. Perhaps it’s fear of failure, success, or the unknown.