5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear Letting Go But Should Be Absolutely Terrified Of Being Stuck


It’s hard when you have to remove yourself from being attach to “something” you once held dear to your heart, be it a thing, a relationship, a career, or even your old self. Every time you reach this point you stop and try to find ONE reason to hold on to it when you have BILLIONS of reasons to let go because who would want to take away a piece of their heart? No one does, but the sad reality is, you cannot keep all the pieces together especially if the pieces no longer fit. So what do you have to do?

1. Evaluate That Container You Call “Heart”

In order to put one foot at the door of “Letting go” you have to lay all the pieces of your heart. This will let you understand how things are fitting inside, its size, and its shape. The one which you keep inserting in the puzzle hole that has a shape of a circle while you’re holding a triangle will cut you deep if you insist it is the right shape. I guarantee you; the puzzle hole will never change its shape to fit your triangle piece. So please, don’t try too hard. It’s obvious isn’t it? It has to be tossed out.

2. Know Your Self Worth

You know their worth but do you know yours? Sometimes it is easier to ignore yourself and your value in the equation you’re in. But I am telling you now, you are as important as everything in your life’s equation. Anyone or anything that makes you feel less than your price tag or degrade you for any matter should be thrown away because honestly, everything in your life should make you feel a million bucks!

3. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Here you are having an internal debate within yourself about letting go and then come these people telling you stuff which makes you more confuse than the original situation you’re in and balloon up your space of doubt. Yes, some of them mean well but some really don’t so why bother listening? Sometimes you already know the answer you just have to acknowledge it and viola… you’ve figured things out.

4. Embrace Your Fear Of Uncertainty

Yes the FEAR of the unknown makes you cringe and obliterate all the disposition of letting go you have conjured out in whim. This is normal; whoever doesn’t fear uncertainty is moronic. When you decide to let go, all the changes that will go with it could most certainly end you up in opposite ends of the spectrum. It could be devastating at worst or liberating at best, both are far better option than you staying in the middle and not moving anywhere. So be like Elsa, and let it go…. Damn it!

5. Be Ready For Change And Don’t Look Back

When you launch yourself out there, know that change is coming and bring a bucket full of positivity. You have gone a long way, and really… at this point there is nothing to lose anymore but everything to gain. The rest of the things you’ve left behind are history and this time you’re making a new one. So yeah! Go forth my friend!

It’s never easy when you shake things up in your life. Letting go of something is downright terrifying because of the CHANGE it brings. When you let go of the things you hold dear, like your career, your relationship, or even your old self it will hurt… it will damn hurt so bad that it numbs you from within and shred you into pieces. Sometimes you will doubt yourself and regret but DON’T because the only the things you should regret are only ones you never did. There are also times you will get loss and feel the pain will never ease but eventually it will, eventually the wound will slowly turn to a scar and heal you. Don’t fear LETTING GO, be terrified of BEING STUCK.