5 Emotions Every American Went Through While Watching The US — Belgium Game



The first 30 or so minutes of the game everybody was still in that “I believe that we will win” spirit. I and along with the couple 100 people chanting “USA.! USA! USA!” truly believed that we could in fact win. The score was still tied at 0 and Tom Howard was on fire in the goal.


By this time we are into overtime and it’s been the Tom Howard vs. Belgium game and everybody in the bar was screaming at the TV. Was Howard really the only one who showed up to play on the US team? Then Belgium scored their first goal in the 93rd minute and watching the Yanks’s offense just give up.


Belgium had scored their second goal and I watched as the hopes and dreams of fans of the US men’s soccer team slowly fade away. Tom Howard isn’t Jesus and he was bound to let some of the 22 shots go in. Nobody is that perfect. It looked like this game was going to be a shoot out. Even the bar started handing out free Bud-Wiser. Why we kept passing the ball to Belgium or passing the ball down the field when there is nobody there I will never understand.


US wanted to make sure that we didn’t go down without a fight. With 15 minutes left in overtime Julian Green put US on the board with more than enough time to tie the thing up. Everybody was on their feet. The “I believe that we will win” and “USA USA USA” chants were back. The goal even put some fire back into the team, for the first time all game it finally started to look like they knew what they were doing


After missing several attempts to score again there was this quiet, somberness that took over the bar. Fans started to sober up and clear out and head back home. It was a good run for the US but ultimately they came up short but fear not everybody, there is always the next world cup. You know you have accepted US defeat when you start thinking about other sports, 59 days till college football you guys.