5 Days In A Cheap Hotel Room


As a writer, solitude is often where I am led to the most inspiration. I have set the intention to grow exponentially in my writing. This has made solitude almost instinctively more comfortable.

It has become so comfortable, in fact, that I crave it. Recently, I have been experiencing a burning in my chest for a quiet space and complete concentration on my work. My partner has recently been working out of town, and when they extend his time there by another week, he offers me cash to rent a room to stay there as well. You see, that’s exactly how I have designed my life to work. I set the intention for something, then use the powerful energy I naturally embody as a walking and breathing human being to magnetize it to me. It’s actually like a super power.

I have a handful of cash and I drive to the first hotel I see. The lobby is very small and ordinary. I can feel the agitation and nervousness in the room as soon as I walk in. It becomes obvious to me where each of these energies belong.

Nervousness coming from the man working his first day training as a front desk clerk.

Agitation coming from the woman training him, which could’ve likely been picked up from the man in front of me in line, as the check-in process is understandably taking a little longer than usual. I often take pride in my level of patience, so I enjoy viewing as an observer on the outside.

When it is my turn to approach the desk, I ask for the cheapest room. They give me a price and I hand over the cash. At this point, there are one or two people who have joined in line behind me. I have gotten a little too comfortable in my waiting and have fallen into unconsciousness yet again.

I am immediately frazzled because something stemming from my apparent money blocks has me uncomfortable counting my money in front of others. Instead, I tell the clerk I will run to the car and be back. I have gotten so much better over the years of not projecting the experiences I am having onto the innocent people around me. The battles I have internally within these experiences are not so courteous and polite.

I am walking to the car, mumbling profanities to myself. I begin to count my money, only to find that I have more than enough. On the walk back to the lobby, I am now mumbling about this idiot at the desk who obviously can’t count! When I get inside, I am in line again.

My goal is to remove the word “waiting” from my language. I am transforming the time designated and defined as “waiting” to a designated time for just being. This practice saves me from walking up to this man on his first day at the new job and projecting my feelings of “lack” concerning money and “discomfort” standing in my truth, knowing I had counted out the money before handing it to him.

I approach him and make eye contact where I embody true compassion and understanding. He melts my heart with the sheepish way he looks up at me, telling me it’s his first day.

When I am, at last, taking my things to the room, I find that I am the farthest room back on the top level. I take on this mysterious new persona. I feel so detached coming in through the back parking lot, walking straight up and disappearing into my room for hours at a time in a city where I know no one.

No one in my life, other than my partner, knows where I am. I spend my time in the room taking baths, dancing naked, and of course, writing. The fridge is stocked with fruits, veggies, and my favorite organic snacks. Between that and the hot water machine in the lobby, I’m set.

With every trip to the lobby for coffee or tea, I am given the opportunity to connect with the woman who is doing all the training for new employees. She is there every day of my stay and her energy is bright, welcoming, and loving. She finds a way to make me feel so seen in every interaction. Day after day, I witness her offer the same energy to every stranger that walks into the lobby. Her job is in hospitality and she has mastered that.

When checking out, she shares with me that she truly doesn’t want me to leave. Light recognizes Light, you see. I see how I could’ve potentially been that customer standing in front of her, projecting my low vibrational emotions onto her. I know there are so many unconscious individuals that are not using their senses to truly see her Light.

After checking out, something tells me I can’t leave the city without letting this woman know how much I deeply appreciate the energy she brings to work every day. I pick up some bright yellow sunflowers and drive straight back to the hotel. The moment I walk in, her jaw drops. She is speechless as I am pouring my appreciation out.

My bringing flowers has disconnected this woman from the usual mundane work day reality she lives in, and when I decide to shed my Light on the beauty of her soul, showing my appreciation, I am able to view the peace come over her.

I encourage you to spend at least a few moments a day dissolving the “role” you’re currently playing for others or even yourself, just as I have been slipping in and out of my hotel room, undetected, residing in peace, basically invisible to the world I belong to. Peace will be found when disconnecting from your external reality and reconnecting with your soul within.

I am so grateful for every moment in my cheap hotel room. There is something magical about meaningful moments like this, in such unique places, that just dissolve into the past, never to be experienced again.