5 Bright Sides To A Long Distance Relationship People Forget About


I’m in a long distance relationship. Sometimes it really sucks and I complain about it. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? But in the spirit of staying positive, I want to share with you some reasons that long distance relationships don’t suck.

1. You appreciate each other a little more.

I’m not saying that if you’re together all the time you don’t appreciate each other, don’t get me wrong. But being away from each other eight months out of the year makes you realize how much someone means to you. It makes you cherish your time together and not take the little things for granted. Being in a long distance relationship ended up building such a strong foundation for my relationship with Handsome.

2. It keeps things interesting, exciting, and fun.

Living away from your significant other means you get to travel a lot. Traveling is fun. I got to go all the way to Europe to visit my sexy hunk of a manfriend. And now I’m in Montana where its snowy and cold and you can’t go outside without your nipples waking up to say hello. Even better, when you’re together you always get to do something fun. When you’re only together a few months a year you don’t spend your time together sitting around doing nothing. Well, Handsome and I do but I feel like most people do fun stuff. We might go snowboarding tomorrow so that’ll be interesting. Lastly, you have to be creative. Its hard to show someone you love them when you never see them, so you have to think of creative ways to express your love!

3. I don’t have to shave my legs.

Self explanatory.

4. The anticipation.

Everytime we say goodbye, I immediately start a countdown until the next time I’ll see him again. Sometimes that sucks (when the countdown is at like 60 days) but once it gets close, it’s so exciting to see that number start going down. We always have something to look forward to. Then, when that beautiful day is finally here, we have the sweetest reunions. I love airports. I love walking off the place and freaking out hoping I look okay. I love the butterflies I get in my stomach. I love turning the corner and seeing his handsome smiling face for the first time in months. I love the way kissing him for the first time in months feels. The thought of it makes me so excited to come back already again! Airports can also be the devil though because that’s also where we say our goodbyes. Which I’m not looking forward to on Monday.

5. We get “me time.”

Some people that see their boyfriend every day only see their boyfriend every day. They neglect time with their friends, and they neglect time to focus on themselves. I am 100% totally completely one of those people. And I’m okay with that. But I know that I need to focus on school and myself, so sometimes its good I don’t see him every day. I would literally skip class every day if he was here. Yolo.

Well, there you have it. Being away from the one you love sucks but sometimes its not that bad.

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