5 Badass Qualities Of A Modern Day Trophy Wife


A few months ago I came across a Huffington Post article that discussed the new meaning of the term “trophy wife.”  The article explained that the term, once used to describe the perfect stay at home mom who cooks, cleans and caters to her husband, has definitely evolved. The new and improved “trophy wife” refers to an intelligent, confident, career-driven woman who is as capable as her male partner in earning power.

It has taken generations of empowering women who have helped shape this ideal and millennial women are embracing this identity by working hard in their career and striving to make it to the top. So, how is the new trophy wife defined in today’s millennial generation?

1. She’s educated. 

While she probably spent a lot of her college days attending social events, she actually studied too. She prefers a sophisticated conversation rather than gossiping about her high school friends. She worked hard in school and still looks for ways to expand her knowledge. Whether it’s attending conferences or reading industry blogs as part of her morning routine, she is always looking to learn something new.

2. She’s a hard worker.

No, she isn’t working at her dad’s company. She actually went through an interview process and was the one selected out of the fifty resumes her employer received. She started at the bottom and is working her way to the top. She’s proud of her accomplishments and isn’t shy when it comes to tooting her own horn.

3. She’s opinionated.

The new and improved “trophy wife” isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind.  If she has a statement to say, she says it loud and proud, regardless if she thinks you’ll agree with her or not.

4. She’s an adventurer.

She has trouble staying tied down and is always looking for new opportunities. She has a list of places she’d like to travel to and exotic cuisines she’d like to try.

5. She’s unsatisfied.  

While she’s already successful in her field, she won’t be satisfied until she makes it to the top. She has a set plan to help her achieve her goals and isn’t going to let anyone get in her way.

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