5 Actual, Legitimate Ways To Make Money This Summer


This summer has been rough for me, because while I do have an unpaid internship, I do not have a job. While I have applied to countless retail stores, I have not been able to snag one. This has caused me to reach out to the Internet to see where I can pick up some moolah and not go back to school in the fall completely broke. Here are some ideas for you if you are in a similar situation!

1. Selling old textbooks and clothes on Amazon and Ebay

I know renting your textbooks seems great. And it is! I do it for a few of my classes. But I made ~$300 last summer just by buying used, treating them well, and then reselling. I also do not ask for ridiculous prices from my customers – I just have a lot of books and it all adds up. In the meantime I have found clothes I am just not into anymore and have placed them on an Ebay account. Places like “Twice,” “Plato’s Closet” and “Uptown Cheapskate” are NOT worth it. They will only give you $5 for a quality item whereas you can ask for a realistic price on the internet. Not to mention that on the internet your audience is significantly larger. And if the item is nice, it will not be turned away for not being designer.

2. Get Paid for Your Opinion

Toluna.com is a website where you can take surveys for points. The points add up to gift cards or Paypal cash (don’t let Paypal scare you away – both Amazon and Ebay use it as well and it works just fine). The website is easy to navigate and I’ve taken about 15 surveys so far and all ready have about 6 options for gift cards. It is easy and great to use when you are just watching t.v. or listening to music. And trust me, all those points DO add up.

3. For The Creative Minds (College Kids Only)

Mindsumo is a fantastic idea that has been around since 2011. Companies post “challenges” to problems they face and you go head-to-head with other college kids to come up with the best idea. The best 3 ideas usually make around $150 and even the runners-up get money, too. Not only is the amount you are getting make it totally worth it, but they are actually interesting challenges. Oh, also, you have to be a student and they check that ’cause you have to use an .edu email.

4. Write Something Witty for $100

Listverse and Cracked will both pay you $100 for an article. For Listverse, just send them an article that is a list and that is very heavily researched. If they like it, they’ll get back to you and send you the cash. For Cracked, it is a much more complex system and involves moving through different stages. But, you get to say you were published in Cracked, which is a more popular site compared to Listverse.

5. Decide someone’s fate?

Kind of. OnlineVerdict.com basically wants individuals to be “jurors” and read over their cases. You’ll tell them what needs improvement and what makes good points, and then they’ll pay you. I’m signed up for this one, but have not yet been virtually approached. They do it by where you live, and I guess nothing is really going on in my area as of late. But I’d suggest signing up anyways. Your area might be bumpin’.

So there you have it. 5 ways to make some dough. Let me know how it goes!