40 Signs You Definitely Grew Up With Brothers


I grew up and lived my whole childhood with only brothers, stuck right in between the boogers and farts. Was it a blessing or a curse? I think it was a little mix of both because you understand so many different things when you grow up surrounded by so much bro-ness. If you can relate to these 40 signs, you definitely grew up with brothers.

1. Hand me downs include but are not limited to:

2. Gigantic sweatshirts that you actually wear on the reg…

3. School Basketball/ baseball/ football/ wrestling etc. t-shirts that become your go to work out shirts…

4. Copious amounts of sweatpants bought at athletic fundraisers.

5. You have to play with your Barbie dolls alone…

6. And if your brother asks to play too, his intentions are not pure…

7. Your Barbies won’t make it out alive.

8. Brothers sole purpose in life is to scare you to death or make you cry.

9. But if any other boy makes you cry, they’re dead meat.

10. You become pretty good a fist fighting and wrestling.

11. You’ll definitely play your fair share of tackle football.

12. Boys show NO mercy in a snowball fight.

13. They almost always team up against their sister.

14. You’ll end up liking having guy friends way more than girls.

15. Once or maybe a few hundred times you’ll have a huge crush on your brother’s friends.

16. No worries they will have crushes on your friends, too.

17. You’ll become their wing woman a few too many times.

18. They’ll never be your wingman…

19. Because according to them no one is good enough for you.

20. You’ll also become their personal shopper for their girlfriends.

21. If they ever get in trouble, you will be the first person that they call.

22. They will definitely be the biggest confidence boost you have, to them you’re always beautiful.

23. Or when they’re mad at you, they’ll tell you that you look like a cabbage patch kid or troll doll.

24. In everything that you do, they will be your biggest fan…

25. Sometimes it’s embarrassing.

26. They won’t understand why it takes you so long to get ready.

27. But they will still be laying in bed when you’re finally ready to go.

28. You will NEVER have more than 3 minutes in the bathroom before you hear a knock.

29. That is if you’re lucky enough to get in before one of them stinks it up.

30. Any new weapon like toy they got as a child you were their first victim.

31. If Mom and Dad saw something broken, the boys always blamed you.

32. Growing up you were always told, they’ll be your best friend someday.

33. They think they’re the best person for giving you love advice.

34. They also think they’re the best at literally everything in the world.

35. Your whole childhood will be based on a competition.

36. They’ll probably win but you’ll still fight and think that you won.

37. The competition will definitely go on to adulthood.

38. You’ll have your worst enemies in front of your face every day.

39. But your worst enemies are also your best friends.

40. And you wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

These boys, as annoying as they may be, are the reason you are who you are. They show you how to be strong and to never be afraid to put up a fight. Your brothers will always be your world, no matter where life takes you.