40 Random Strangers On Their Biggest Regret


1. I started to think it was okay to hate myself and hurt myself. I know my life could’ve turned out so differently.

2. Not getting a part time job this year and not signing up for dual enrollment for my psychology class.

3. Being disrespectful to my mother. I pretty much regret everything wrong I’ve done in my life, no matter how big or how small, because it always seems to haunt me back.

4. I regret online schooling; I should have suffered through regular high school.

5. My biggest regret is not making an effort to have a better relationship with my dad and half-brothers. I expected them to be the first to reach out to me instead of taking the responsibility for myself and now it seems too late.

6. Making my blog.

7. I regret staying idle. Being scared and frozen and not doing things that I wanted to do. Being too scared of living.

8. My biggest regret is spending five months alone because of one person leaving me.

9. Quitting ballet.

10. Not telling my dad I loved him before he passed away.

11. My biggest regret is quitting piano lessons when I was younger…I really wish I knew how to play and I think my life would be completely different had I continued playing

12. I regret saying that I didn’t like any of my grandpas when I was 6 (in front of them). Both have passed away and I had no way to correct my mistake.

13. The one thing I regret the most is fighting to be released from the mental ward the night I called the suicide hotline. I always wonder if I would’ve had all my problems “fixed” if I stayed in the hospital for just even one night.

14. Not saying exactly what I meant in fear of being judged. I should’ve just said it and things would’ve turned out differently.

15. Dropping out of school.

16. My biggest regret is constantly being there for everyone around me and them doing nothing in return. I feel like a doormat yet I don’t do anything about it.

17. Not being more outgoing in high school and always being afraid of what people would think of me.

18. I regret lying to my parents and doing drugs and surrounding myself with bad friends.

19. I regret not saying goodbye to my granddad when he was in hospital because I was young and was scared of the machines and thought that I would be able to see him again when he left hospital but he never did.

20. I have a really easy life so the biggest regret I have is making friendly with this girl who is the most annoying thing to ever exist. Now she won’t stop talking to me, holy fuck it’s annoying.

21. I regret opening up to people too much. I regret staying in my shell too often. I regret not being nicer to my mom. I regret not saying thank you and please enough. I regret not studying and trying to do better in high school. I regret making people cry. I regret crying for other people. I regret my whole life basically.

22. Never believing in myself like I would know I’m capable of doing a task but in the end I’d panic and think I was never good enough and having that inferiority towards myself led me to a downward spiral and now as I’m recovering I realized how detrimental not believing in myself.

23. My biggest regret is not taking my grades serious enough throughout high school.

24. What I regret most is not giving myself wholly to someone I actually loved. I regret being guarded and untrusting of someone who loved me more than I understood.

25. Not believing in myself enough to apply to better colleges.

26. My biggest regret is lying to my friends about almost everything in my life then wasting an entire year adding to it and then trying to fix it in a weird little cycle that I honestly can’t keep up with anymore.

27. I regret my dad’s damn lung cancer.

28. I told someone that meant a lot to me that I’m mentally ill (bipolar disorder) and they haven’t talked to me since.

29. My biggest regret is probably not figuring out who my cyber-stalker for over a year was earlier and even when I finally found out not taking it to the police or at the very least my father who was friends with hers.

30. Allowing people to walk all over me.

31. I regret worrying my mom.

32. My biggest regret is that I didn’t come up with any study habits when I was starting high school so now I’m absolutely fucked and I have no hope for getting into a good school and the worst thing is that I know I’m smart but if I just studied I’d be doing excellently.

33. I regret spending so many nights at home.

34. Forgetting to say goodbye to my mom the last time I ever saw her.

35. Spring Break 2005.

36. I regret pushing away people who loved me and keeping people who hurt me close to me.

37. Not taking my time with things.

38. My biggest regret is being ashamed of my culture, my language, my heritage all because I thought it wasn’t normal.

39. Blue eyeshadow in middle school.

40. I regret thinking I didn’t deserve to be alive.