4 Ways To Instantly Change Your Life By ‘Remembering The Future’ (Instead Of Focusing On The Past)


What if you could stop worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety by “remembering the future”?

What if it only took 10 minutes a day?

Often times, we get stuck living in the past. In fact, we re-live it over and over again like a broken record. We do it so much that we begin to expect the future to be like the past. It becomes engrained in us. Soon, the powerful emotions of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety take over, occupying our every thought, governing our every move.

But what if you could break free from this cycle?

What if you could take control of your emotions and calm your mind by not remembering the past, but by “remembering” the future?

One of the best self-help books of all time is Psycho-Cybernetics written by Dr. Maxwell Maltz in the 1960’s. He was a reputable plastic surgeon that noticed patients who have had their limbs amputated still felt pain that limb… even though the limb had been amputated. This got him thinking about self-image and how we as humans start to experience what we expect. He concluded that we become what we think about.

The more emotion that we infuse in these memories, the more power they have over us. Eventually these emotions take control of us – and even cause us to feel things that aren’t even there.

He’s not the first one to say this, but it really resonated with me. The whole point of his book is that your mind is like a “heat seeking missile”

If it has a goal (or thought), infused with emotion and passion, it will figure out how to accomplish it. In other words, you become what you think about. Or should I say, you become what you obsess about.

Luckily, this principle works both ways. So rather than obsessing over past failures, and hurt, and rejection, and pain, start thinking passionately about the future. Start creating your own reality in your mind. Or what I call “remember the future”.

The trick is to create that belief through visualization and autosuggestion – this belief creates a positive self-image, which in turn calms your subconscious mind and trains it to give you the motivation and drive to create the reality you desire.

Here’s a brief meditation you can try to calm your mind.

Phase 1: Extreme Relaxation

Sit back, openly, confidently, and expectantly with your arms at your side and your head leaning back slightly.

Close your eyes and smile ever so slightly with your mouth and jaws loose and relaxed.

Imagine you’re sitting on a cruise ship, looking out at a dark sky early in the morning. The horizon looks purple and is almost glowing. As you sit there, imagine a warm golden rain falling gently on your body.

Enjoy the beautiful peace, and warmth, and serenity of this powerful scene.

As you look out at the ocean in the middle of the night, you hear the gentle sound of the waves crashing against the whole of the ship.

You feel the pleasant soft rocking motion you look out on the dark horizon.

You see the moon up in the sky you feel a warm breeze in your face and you feel happy, calm, and tranquil.

Phase 2: Conjure Up Good Memories

Now I want you to go back and imagine in vivid detail a happy memory from your life; whether it was the moment you fell in love, or the birth of your first child, or an accomplishment at school or at work.

Remember that feeling; the confidence, the happiness, and the gratitude, that you felt in that moment.

As you’re and imagining yourself on this ocean ship, sailing through the dark, warm horizon, imagine these feelings of happiness and how excited you feel about this happy memory.

Phase 3: Remember the Future

Now with your body feeling warm, and happy, and confident, and relaxed, reveling in the memories of this joyous occasion, and feeling the same feelings of excitement and happiness, I want you to imagine a goal that you like to achieve but I want you imagine it as if it has already been accomplished.
Imagine how happy you would feel once you accomplish this goal.

Imagine what other people would say and how proud of you they would be.

Imagine what you would look like, where you would be, and how you would feel.

Tell yourself “I’m so grateful to everyone that help me achieve this goal. I’m so happy for having accomplished it.”

And keep repeating these thoughts images to yourself over and over again play out this mental movie.

Play out in your mind how you would feel.

Play out in your mind what you did to accomplish this goal.

Look at it from the perspective of someone who has already done it.

Imagine that you’re looking back in the past, remembering what steps you took get here.

Imagine what obstacles and challenges and setbacks you overcame and worked around.

Phase 4: Feel It

Now imagine the goal that you seek to achieve. Imagine yourself already having achieved it.

Now that you’ve imagined yourself having achieved this goal, focus on the feelings of happiness, contentment, self-confidence, and achievement.

Imagine the power, and confidence, and excitement, and enthusiasm, and gratitude you would feel once you’re accomplished it.

KNOW in your mind that you’ve already achieved it.

That you already have it.

Feel those feelings.

Think those thoughts.

Know that this is the secret to achieving your goals is to be thankful for already having achieved them.

Feel it.

Believe it.

Expect it.

Focus on these feelings.

Feel yourself smile.

Feel your heart feeling a sense of sudden happiness and excitement.

Feel the feelings of gratitude.

Now play this “mental movie” in your mind over and over and over be happy be grateful the excited be confident.

Doing this meditation for 5 minutes every day will mold your subconscious mind to expect that reality. It will sharpen your focus, enhance your motivation, and help guide you to the actions and activities that you need to take to achieve them.

It’s incredibly powerful.

Now go do it and enjoy the feelings of pride, confidence, gratitude, and excitement that come with it.