4 Uncomfortable Signs You Need To Let Go Of Your Current Relationship


Love transcends the rules of heaven and earth, only if it is true.

What makes love true? Is it how your names sound good together? Is it how cute you look together? Is it by the number of relationship goals you have fulfilled together making other people so jealous? They say love is true when everything feels so right. It does not matter if your names would be shitty together or if you look weird together or if you just stay in your bed doing nothing-what matters is that you feel right.

Now, it’s 3AM and you have been tossing and turning in your bed, sleep has not come yet. You wonder why you are not happy anymore- why things are not working out, why you are not hyped to answer that call, why you rush to finish that cup of coffee. You wonder where all those feels went and why you feel so dull and unhappy. All the colors and the butterflies went away and all there is left is emptiness and pain.

And then, it hit you. Things feel wrong and everything is so toxic. You wonder if your partner feels that too. You have been together for a long time and people are expecting so much from the both of you. You do not know what or how to feel. So you ask yourself, is it time to let go? Why should you let go?

I am going to tell you why you should let go and free yourself so you could find your right love.

First, let go if you try so hard to keep things so interesting just to make your partner stay. Let go if you stay up late thinking what jokes to crack up next or where to bring them tomorrow or if you keep on searching about the things they like, so you both would have something to talk about tomorrow because you feel that your partner might lose interest in you if you do not and you know that things will get dull and uncomfortable if you do not talk. Remember why you chose your partner in the first place. You chose them because you found interest in them and you felt special because they found interest in you too. The right love provides silence that is comforting. Otherwise, let go. You do not have to try so hard.

Second, let go if the love that you think you have is choking you and sucking the life out of you. Let go if you have to text your partner every time you want to go out or hangout and socialize. Let go especially if most of the time they say no. Let go if the only number in your contacts is your partner’s number and the only messages in your inbox is theirs too. You cannot wear the things you want or the things that make you look good and feel good because your partner does not want anyone staring at you. You do not go on group works or parties or places where there are a lot of people because your partner does not want anyone talking to you. You do not take pictures with other people because your partner might get mad. YOUR LOVE IS TOXIC, LET GO. The right love does not contain and limit you in its grip. Remember, the maturity in your relationship, comes with growth. How could you grow if the only person you interact with,is your partner? The right love does not prevent you from growing, in fact, it should allow your growth- emotionally, socially and mentally. Right love is not selfish.

Third, let go if it is one-sided. Let go if you are the only one making the relationship work (or vice versa). Let go if you spend every night convincing yourself that there is something left even though the truth is there is nothing. Let go if you are the only one sending long and sweet messages and all you get as a reply is an “okay” or a thumbs up emoticon. Let go if you are the only one staring into their eyes and all they do is look away because they cannot look at you the same way. Love has faded and there in nothing you can do about it. You look at each other and you see different things- you see your future and your partner sees prison. You could never be happy in this situation and so does your partner. You do not have to try so hard for someone that cannot give your efforts back. The right love reciprocates. The right love gives back.

Lastly, let go if the love you think you have keeps on breaking your heart. Humans always endure pain and heartbreak because we make ourselves believe that after pain is happiness; that it is natural to be hurt because love could not exist without it. Maybe this is because we are too optimistic and we are a fan of beliefs such as “there is a rainbow after the storm”. Indeed there is a rainbow after the storm. But in love, the person that brought you the storm cannot provide your rainbow. The truth is that person will just continue to break your heart. Let go if you send your partner a “goodnight” and it breaks your heart. Or if you kiss under the stars but you feel pain because it does not feel right anymore. Let go- your partner is your storm. The right love does not break your heart and does not put you in pain. The right love heals and renews.

Letting go is hard, especially if your partner has been a part of your daily routine- old habits do not die easy. But spending your everyday with the wrong person is harder and much more painful. Letting go is just a phase but it will make you stronger and better. Remember that the person you have let go from is your lesson and it would make you a much wiser individual. Consider them as a step towards the right one and your right love.

Get up and wear your best smile every day. Your right love is somewhere waiting for you!