4 Things You Need To Understand About The Woman Who Runs From Her Feelings Before You Fall In Love With Her


She isn’t cold, she is careful.

Something is different about relationships when you’re a girl who doesn’t like to talk about her feelings. It seems a lot more like you aren’t interested in connecting with the man you’re dating (exclusively or non-exclusively). But it’s a lot different for men, because when they don’t want to talk about their emotions, it’s expected.

Some things you need to understand about women who run from their feelings:

1. She is still interested in you.

Just because a woman isn’t as open with her every emotion, or happens to be more passive than aggressive with her problems, doesn’t mean she isn’t into you. Women like this are more straight-forward than most. If she says she likes you, believe her; she definitely doesn’t lie because that would lead to more discussion of emotion. So even if she doesn’t say it all the time, she means it when she does.

2. She wants to tell you when she’s mad.

When someone repeatedly engages in passive behavior, it’s easy to think they are trying to keep you guessing. That probably isn’t the case here. While she may want to tell you when something is angering her, she may be afraid of coming off as too clingy or needy, and shy’s away from the instinct to say what went wrong right away. If she’s acting funny, prompt her to share her feelings. It might not happen right away, but it’s helpful to know you cared enough to notice. And believe me, she’ll remember you noticed.

3. She likes it when you’re forward about your feelings.

While she might be guarded with her own heart, it’s not always about you or what happened before you. Sometimes that’s just how she is. However, when you share your feelings of affection with her, it could very well lead to the sharing of her feelings. It’s a lot easier to say how you feel if you trust the other person feels the same way. If you want her to open up, try opening up first.

4. Her feelings exist.

It is way too easy to think that someone like her is cold and distant. But the most important thing to remember if you want to keep a relationship with her alive is that this is never true. Scared and careful can seem a lot like unemotional and unkind. You should never treat her as if she isn’t just as sensitive as anyone else. She will still notice everything you do, but she won’t always react openly. It’s something you have to accept, because if you begin to act as though she is heartless, the relationship will soon die.