4 Steps To Giving Less Sh*t About Stupid Sh*t


Step 1: Realize that the world does not revolve around you and expect less

I know, this is ground breaking news, right? We often give too many shits because we expect things from others and take things too personally all the while neglecting to recall that everyone is their own person and are going to do whatever they want. Granted, you are the most important person in your scope of existence in this world, but so-and-so-stranger-mcgee over there is the most important person in their scope of existence in this world too. Mentally step out of your worldview and cogitate on the fact that everyone on this earth exists trying to live life based on his or her individual ideals, wants and needs. You don’t need to expect less of others, but know that you are setting yourself up to give too many shits if your expectations are rigid and based on what you want, not what you know to be true about a particular situation or individual.

Step 2: Remember that there are better things you could be focusing your energies on

You know, like doing shit that makes you happy rather than focusing on stupid shit. Those stupid little things that mysteriously bring you joy because you friggen enjoy them for whatever reason. For me this is being in nature, writing, doing nice shit for other living beings, being active and constantly striving to Heidi in new ways. You could also focus your energy on doing shit that makes you grow as an individual or doing nice shit in your community. Doing nice shit for others and volunteering is tremendously rewarding and worth your energy because it benefits you and your community.

Step3: Quit being an asshole to yourself and start believing in yourself

That’s right, I said it. Stop being an asshole to yourself, you deserve better. Be true to yourself, love yourself and do things that lift you up. Notice a theme here? Focusing on being true to yourself and lifting yourself up helps you get out of the cycle of being hyper focused on stupid shit. Also, when you find yourself giving too many shits really reflect upon the thought of whether or not this particular event or thought giving you shits will even matter in a week, month, year or decade. That really helps put giving a shit in perspective.

Step 4: Handle it

In the words of my favorite no-bullshit taker, “You’re an adult, handle it.” It is simple, we are all generally in charge of how we perceive and react to everything around us. If you’re finding yourself constantly giving a shit and don’t want to, then handle it; genuinely work on adjusting your mindset or life in a way that helps you give less shits about stupid shit.

Finally, sit back, relax and bask in the glory of not giving a shit about stupid shit.

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