4 Reasons Why This Generation Is The WORST


Does anyone ever slow down and look around? Do you ever wonder how things got to where they are now? Do you think to ask yourself why everyone does certain things? I do these things every day, and not in any particular order. I look at other people with their heads bowed down like it’s some sort of religious ritual wherever they go, but it’s just the latest smartphone and they’re watching funny Vines.

No one thinks to look up or walk without ear buds in anymore because what’s the point, right? Everyone else is doing it so why shouldn’t you? Why not put your phone up and take your ear buds out for once and listen to the world around you. Nobody talks to each other anymore unless they sincerely have to. No one wants to engage in a friendly conversation with the person sitting next to him about the game that was on last night, because beating their latest score in Candy Crush is what really matters to them.

It’s trying so hard to communicate with you but you’re too ignorant to hear anything its saying. Everyone has their phones out, everyone is laughing about something on their phone, everyone is watching something on their phone, someone is showing someone else something on their phone, someone is listening to music on their phone, someone is talking on the phone, and everyone is blinded.

A guy calls his girlfriend up to tell her he’s outside her house and he’s ready to go. She walks out to his car while she opens her own door while he drives away. That girl stares idly out the window looking at the dark night sky all around her and she looks out into the city lights and she wonders if this is as good as it gets. Why don’t men come to the door to pick up their dates anymore? Why is it that instead of having meaningful phone conversations you have to send him a picture of yourself? He’ll get in one of those moods and he’ll want you to send him those awful pictures, because he doesn’t show you enough respect to keep those thoughts private. Technology has made it so easy for him to electronically have a relationship with you, because having a face-to-face conversation these days seems harder and harder to start and keep going.

It’s so much easier for him to text you and say “I love you,” than it is to come and meet you someplace to talk and tell you how much he appreciates the little things you do for him. In the meantime it’s become so much easier for him to browse on Facebook and start talking to other women about all his problems he has with you, and with a click of a button he can message that girl and confirm on their meeting place. He keeps his phone locked with a code because he wouldn’t want you to see the texts from another girl he has been seeing besides you. He sends her long paragraphs of text s, like the ones he used to send you, and he assures her that he only loves her.

Technology has made it so simple to forget the way the world used to work, and it has made us lose our natural communication skills. With the great advancements it has awarded it also takes away the little things in the world that meant the most. Try some of these things one day and take some risks:

1. Talk to a complete stranger

Sometimes when we open up to the world around us, it will communicate back to us. Ask someone how their day has been, or how the game last night ended. It will make someone’s day, guaranteed.

2. When you go out in public, try not using your phone at all

Breathe in the fresh air and see the sights around you. Be in tune to the world and look at everything that you have been missing. You could be surprised at how much is really around you.

3. If you are picking someone up (romantic or not), go to their door to get them

You should never use your phone to relay the message that you’re there. Surprise them at the door and walk them out to the car. It is a genuine and sincere gesture of communication that is timeless.

4. Instead of texts or messaging, arrange a meeting in person with someone or a phone call

There is nothing more special than a real conversation with a person you care about. It is a stage of communication that is slowly being replaced by technology, and without persistent human contact someone can develop psychological problems fast.

image – cletch