4 Reasons Why Babysitting Around The Holidays Is A Pretty Amazing Gig


1. Kids will do anything to be on Santa’s “Nice” list:

Asking the kids to perform a tedious task, be on their best behavior, and listen to what they’re being told is never easier than right now. A subtle reminder that “Santa is watching” and you have the kids’ attention going 0-100 REAL quick.

2. Parents are (extra) cheerful, joyous, and thankful to have you around:

With the extra holiday prep errands, you are the ultimate life saver being able to watch their precious little munchkin(s). Not only will they shower you in holiday hugs and kisses, but they are most likely going to throw in a pay raise or a holiday bonus – especially for all you regular sitters out there.

3. Fridges and pantries are STOCKED:

The hardest decision you’ll have to make while babysitting is to eat the holiday peppermint, chocolate, cookies, or all of the above. Seriously, do not underestimate the anxiety that follows opening a box of variously shaped and decorated holiday treats.

4. The little one’s holiday spirit will bring out the child in you:

You might still have the year-long anticipated excitement while trying to fall asleep on December 24th, but you most likely don’t have the same kinds of excitement as when you once believed in all the magic of Santa Claus. Babysitting in December allows you to live your childhood all over again vicariously through the kiddies. So, make those gingerbread houses, write St. Nicholas a note, and prance through the neighborhood singing your favorite Christmas carols.