4 Reasons New Year’s Eve Is Totally Overrated


1. People use it as an excuse for a fresh start

In case it slipped your mind, every morning you wake up, you are capable of beginning your day with a fresh start. So what is so special about New Years Day? Chances are you’re eating some sort of fast food to kick the hangover followed by sulking over how many calories you just consumed. Or you’re watching Criminal Minds marathons instead of making it to the gym. Why bother starting fresh on the first of January? It seems rather contradicting…Perhaps the ball dropping symbolizing a New Year and the champagne accompanied with it hypes the public into creating New Years resolutions that tend to become their New Years resolutions every following year.

2. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment

Not to sound pessimistic, but scientific studies show when you make plans for a night and set standards for it, it rarely turns out how you want it to and you end up dissatisfied for no reason. You expect things to happen that realistically will not. In the back of your head you know who you want to kiss when the ball drops and when it doesn’t happen or even worse you see he or she kissing someone else, chances are disappointment will set in and you’ll be fully boozed making the situation seem worse than in reality it actually is. Bottom line, nights are better off unplanned. Rule of thumb: Set the standard low, chances are your night will exceed your expectations.

3. People use it as an excuse to get drunk

Everyone tends to need a drink every once in awhile. Maybe you need to pour yourself a glass of wine after a long day at the office. Perhaps you need to pour yourself a larger glass of wine or make a mixie at an awkward get together with extended family, and at times we have all been guilty of having something to cut the nerves before going on that first date. But, New Years Eve takes drinking to a whole new level. Drinking to be social and to have a good time is one thing but being an annoying blackout and waking up regretting whatever the heck you did is just plain gross. In other words, get it together.

4. Transportation is stressful

No one wanted to be the designated driver so you have to resort to public transportation. You and your friends are finally able to catch a cab only to realize so many people can fit in it. The driver is screaming to hurry because he is already in a bad mood due to the previous people he took home that puked in his backseat. Think fast! You have to decide who is the weakest link. You bless your chosen friend with the start of New Year either having to walk home or grabbing an Uber with bumped up prices that will rob their wallets because there was not enough room to squeeze them in the cab. (Sounds like a great start to the New Year!)

However you choose to ring in the New Year, it is only polite to wish you a happy 2015. With the many realizations of this overhyped Holiday, carryout Chinese, my favorite bottle of Vino, and good company is sounding more appealing to me as New Years Eve creeps upon us.

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