4 Moments That Provide Instant Happiness


We all have those days where the most minuscule of things can set us off into tailspin for eight hours. Try as we might, the efforts to shake off the strains of a crappy mood can seem dim at best. Luckily in life, there are these little moments that can shape a bad situation into something slightly more positive.

1. A Great Tune

Music is obvious. Whether it is a new song that strikes a chord within you, or an oldie-but-a-goodie that turns your stomach pains into effortless bliss, music has the power to change. Be it a ballad, an anthem or the cheesiest of cheesy pop songs, a great tune can turn a frown upside down instantaneously. It may even be wise in some cases to build yourself a play list of the songs that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course the best scenario is when you are riding along and an unexpected song begins to play. It can lift your mood from zero to 100 within seconds.

2. Babies

Even if you are not a baby lover by nature there is still something magical about making a baby smile, or laugh uncontrollably. This act can become more rewarding when the baby is a complete stranger to you.

Picture it. You are sitting in misery on your way home from a bad day at work when you notice a baby in its stroller. The baby is staring at you intensely so in an effort to get them to stop, or simply to entertain the situation you make a funny face, wave, or say “hi” in that annoying baby voice you make when you address a child. Then it happens. Their smile begins to curl upward from end-to-end and they let out a little giggle. Sometimes they point, or motion to their parents and all the while you sit there in “awe” knowing that your small gesture made them that much happier as well. It’s adorable and completely rewarding.

3. Free Coffee

Some days we may find ourselves lucky enough to be in the lineup of a coffee shop, or the drive through when a random stranger decides to pay for your coffee. There is no reason why other than pure generosity. Now, that paired with the fact that you didn’t have to dish out $2.00 that morning is worth a whole day of happiness. Pay it forward!

4. The Words “I Love You”

Well, this one is a no-brainer! Hearing those three sweet words, “I love you” is enough to make anyone extremely happy. Assuming of course that those words are coming from someone you feel the same way about. Sometimes in life, all we really need in order to feel good again is the reassurance that someone you care about is thinking of you and your happiness.

Here’s hoping you get to experience a moment of instant happiness today!