4 Life-Changing Lessons From Military Training


1. Obey first before you complain.

This principle was my best friend when I was in training and now that I am working as a teacher. Oftentimes, life gives us so many things to do. Be it in work, in school or even in our house. With numerous of things to accomplish and challenges to overcome, it’s too easy to just whine and complain about everything. But DON’T DO IT. You’ll never learn without trying. So try doing something first before you waste time talking and clamoring. Obey first then finish everything than complain and accomplish nothing.

2. The fault of one is the fault of all.

It’s like saying “one for all, all for one.” We are all familiar with that. A sense of solidarity started with military organizations, they say. For them, unity is of value for it is an important recipe for success. This principle should be exercised everywhere but not taken the wrong way. Basically, you just have to do your part in the sincerest and most responsible way because the credits for the outcome will not be solely yours. It will be a result of a group effort. Just like in my work as a teacher, let’s say. If a student fails, inevitably the teachers, the parents, and the school will share the blame for that. That’s why if a student succeeds, there’s a much bigger picture behind his success. It’s the family, the teachers, the school and his own efforts as a student. So, let’s all be responsible enough because whatever we do will bring consequences not only to yourself but to all the people around us.

3. My buddy is my body.

In the military, having a buddy is a must for it will be a melancholic journey being alone. Life is also like that. We don’t have to face everything on our own because we have classmates in school, friends around us, colleagues from the workplace and families at home. They are our “buddies”. And in the military, you must treat your buddy as you treat your body. Is your body essential enough to be taken care of? If yes, then you should treat your friends and families that way. Take care of them and treasure your moments with them. Without them in your life, everything will be plain, ponderous and heartbreaking. No matter how strong and independent person you are, you’ll still need a buddy to be with you and support you, trust me. However, if you think you don’t have real buddies in this world, call that powerful Buddy above. He will be with you all the time despite different circumstances.

4. Be stable under pressure.

Pressure is everywhere. It may come from your family, friends, in school, workplace, society or even from yourself. It is quickly felt and experienced especially if you are that type of person who puts too much focus on one thing or issue. Sometimes, pressure causes delicate people to quit, to give up and worse, to commit suicide. However, that is not the solution. Pressure is like a person bullying you. When you react to it showing your weak side, it will push you even more to your limits. In the end, who lost it? It’s you because you let yourself be affected and damaged because of the pressure.

This military principle keeps on reminding me that in life, when the situation gets tough, you also have to be tough and even tougher enough. Give your life a fair fight. Don’t let pressure defeat you. Don’t let negativities destroy you. We all have ways to gain that stability in times of pressure. I don’t know if it’s applicable for you but for me, it is. Whenever pressure knocks on your door, let it in by being strong. Remember that you are strong because you are you. You have your buddies who always got your back and you have that powerful Buddy above. He will sustain you. Just call on Him and surrender all the pressure to Him. You’ll win over pressure, remember that.

He will keep you stable and strong, so hold on to that.