4 Extremely Ignorant Things You’ve Probably Said


1. I’m going to kill myself.

First of all, I am not trying to demean anyone who has said this with legitimate reasoning. But as someone personally affected by suicide, multiple times, I find it just blatantly unnecessary to use this phrase casually. You’re dismissing the severity of suicide and sarcastically whipping away the meaning it holds to so many people.

2. I can’t even.

You can’t even what? Form a complete sentence? I think I can speak for every intellectual individual and say, “What are you trying to say?” There is no point or reason for this phrase, and with that I hope I stop a few more people from “not even being able to” do whatever they were trying to express here.

3. That’s so gay.

Considering “gay” is a synonym for “happy”, this phrase makes no sense. When someone says something you consider “weird” or when someone dresses in a way that breaks social norms, they aren’t being “gay”. They’re being different, something that should be praised not demeaned. Also, why is being gay something that should be used as an insult? I know a lot of straight people that really fucking suck, but I never hear “That’s so straight” used in an insulting manner.

4. White girl problems.

Maybe I’m just the most out of touch white girl to ever walk this earth, but I truly cannot wrap my head around this one. There is no problem that I experience through my whiteness that a black girl doesn’t experience, probably so much worse. Did the Starbucks barista spell your name wrong? Oh poor you. Do you think that all black girls get their names spelled correctly? No? But you still consider it only a white girl problem. The illogicality behind that is mind-blowing.

I’m not trying to say my dialect is perfect, but I think before I speak. Maybe more of you should begin to as well.

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