36 Thoughts You’ll Have While Sitting In A College Library


  1. I have zero desire to be here right now.
  2. I want to go back to my dorm and sleep forever.
  3. Is my paper actually due tomorrow?
  4. LOL, not happening.
  5. Maybe I should just spend my time here phrasing an email to my professor asking for an extension.
  6. Or I can just use that time to actually work on writing my paper.
  7. I’ll go with the email option.
  8. Dear, Prof. I am like really swamped with life and like trying to figure out what I am even supposed to be doing in life so if you could like let me hand in this paper like next semester that would be great.
  9. Professional?
  10. Maybe I should end with sincerely so it sounds better.
  11. I am a genius…I knew there was a reason why I got into this overpriced accredited university.
  12. Send.
  13. Maybe I should plan my classes for next semester.
  14. Oh my god, all of [INSERT FRAT HERE] just walked into the library.
  15. They’re so hot.
  16. Do you think if I look over enough, one of them will take me to formal?
  17. It is worth a shot.
  18. Am I staring too much?
  19. Shit, I should have worn my glasses; it is so evident that I am staring.
  20. Oh, well.
  21. I am going to stalk them on facebook instead of planning my classes.
  22. Wow (INSERT FRAT BRO HERE) is so hot and like he looks so douchey but like I heard he is really sweet too.
  23. SHIT, I think he just saw me scrolling through his profile.
  24. I am going to pull up Blackboard and make it seem like I was just trying to get to my homework.
  25. Wait, my professor just posted ANOTHER assignment due tomorrow.
  26. Due tomorrow, do tomorrow.
  27. This library is actually a tundra.
  28. Why didn’t I wear layers?
  29. You mean to tell me that I pay 64K a year for the university to not turn on the heat every once in awhile?
  30. Oh my god, it’s 4:25.
  31. I am going to be late to class but I don’t want to leave these beautiful boys.
  32. OMG, this betch that slept with the entire frat just walked in.
  33. Honey, do so much less.
  34. I don’t think this girl likes me considering she also hooked up with my latest conquest.
  35. Awk.
  36. See you never, library.