30 Underrated Things And 30 Overrated Things, According To My Own Scientific Research


Here is a list of things that are underrated and a list of things that are overrated. If you disagree, please reconsider your perspective. You may think these are just my opinions, but they are not. They are facts based on scientific law.


1. Dogs wearing sunglasses

2. Fireworks

3. Having a butler

4. Fast talking auctioneers

5. Railings

6. Comedy scenes where a character says, “Check, please!”

7. Electric eels

8. The word “manifesto”

9. Barbershop quartets

10. Helicopters

11. Cult leaders

12. Straight men winking at each other

13. Doomsday prepping

14. The X Games

15. Cowboy hats

16. The Kardashian family rise

17. Laser tag

18. Calling people “big guy”

19. Drive thru windows

20. The Guinness Book of World Records

21. Slipping on a banana peel

22. Psychological experiments

23. The Cuban Missile Crisis

24. Hot dog eating competitions

25. Using a pool noodle to blow water in someone’s face

26. Jigsaw puzzles

27. Walking up a wheelchair ramp as an able-bodied person

28. Being cool

29. Falconry

30. Lazy listicles that take a few hours to write


1. Toes

2. Security Guards

3. Rags to riches stories

4. The ‘90s

5. Self-expression

6. Quicksand

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda

8. Vitamin supplements

9. British people

10. Mantras

11. Democracy

12. Shaking hands

13. Drag racing

14. Bald eagles

15. Rhyming

16. The Office, Friends, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, all of them

17. Speaking multiple languages

18. Flipping your pillow to the cold side

19. Having a college education

20. The platypus

21. Stephen Hawking

22. Commercial pilots

23. Every US President

24. Running a marathon

25. The beach

26. Child actors

27. Adult actors

28. Chicago

29. The moon

30. Well done articles that take a lot of time to write