30 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make Your Life Better Tomorrow


Everyone feels low at some point, and it can be tempting to wallow in those sad feelings. Sometimes we just can’t help putting ourselves down. However, that can make the feelings worse, and it can make problems seem bigger than they actually are.

Thankfully, you can easily turn those negative feelings around by doing a few simple things. Although it may be difficult to think about doing something positive, you have the power to do so. Your mind is a powerful tool, and you rule your mind – it isn’t the other way around.

Don’t beat yourself up; here are 30 ways to feel better about yourself today.

1. Apologize to anyone who you think you have hurt.

2. Stop the negative talk in your head – or at least acknowledge that it is your insecurities talking and not you.

3. Go play with your pet, or watch a funny animal video on Youtube. A penguin falling over will make you feel better, even if it’s only for a second.

4. Change one thing about your life that you don’t like.

5. Relive one of your favorite memories. Think about how happy and relaxed you felt, and remember that you will feel this way again if you want to.

6. Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders; let someone else help you with a tough decision.

7. Find something you can give to a friend, like a CD or DVD that you know they’d like.

8. Treat yourself to something that you love. Whether it is a new dress, a new game or an avocado, if you love it, it will make you happy.

9. Call your best friend and tell them that you are feeling down. Talk about it for a while if you want – but then ask your friend to tell a funny joke or story to put a smile on your face.

10. Go to your local park and spend some time on the swings.

11. If you feel really low, cry it out. Put on a sad song and really let yourself go – you will feel better afterwards.

12. Reflect on some of the awesome things you’ve achieved in your lifetime.

13. Do 50 jumping jacks.

14. Look in a mirror (or your phone camera) and smile at yourself for a few seconds. Breathe in and out, and take a few seconds to look at your favorite facial feature.

15. Forgive yourself. For everything. Every single person on the earth makes mistakes.

16. Adjust your expectations.

17. Buy flowers for someone you love. They will be so happy – especially since there was no reason for it besides genuine love.

18. Cook your favorite dessert.

19. Put yourself first.

20. Put your friends and family at a close second.

21. Start a new hobby that you’ve always liked the idea of, such as playing the guitar or painting.

22. Do something nice for a stranger, such as giving them your bus pass.

23. Find a mentor who you look up to.

24. Be a mentor for someone who looks up to you.

25. Clean your room/house/desk. If you’re looking at something that is untidy, it won’t improve your mood – it will just make you feel worse. A clean space will help you to clear your mind.

26. Throw your head back and walk like you’re on the catwalk. You’ll feel pretty damn fabulous after half an hour!

27. Cook a meal you’ve never made before – you will be able to find a recipe online!

28. Praise someone in your family.

29. Call your parents for a catch up.

30. Accept your negative emotions. Everyone feels insecure and jealous sometimes, and these emotions will never go away – but they don’t have to rule you, and they shouldn’t.