30 Reasons My Boyfriend Clearly Loves His Phone More Than Me


 I’m not jealous of other women — just his relationship with his phone.

1. He depends on her.

2. He’s constantly looking at her.

3. He would jump in the ocean to save her from drowning.

4. She holds the answers to all of his questions.

5. He touches her more often than he touches me.

6. She knows all of his secrets.

7. She guides him when he’s lost.

8. She’s irreplaceable.

9. She’s always within arms reach.

10. He’d be devastated if he lost her.

11. She hears his soul being poured out after those six glasses of bourbon at 3am on a Saturday.

12. He captures important moments with her.

13. He feels naked without her.

14. He doesn’t like it when other people touch her.

15. He smiles when she brings him good news.

16. He trusts her with handling his finances.

17. She allows him access to his family, his friends, the world.

18. She sleeps next to him every night.

19. She’s his first thought in the morning.

20. He travels and see the world with her.

21. He protects her with a shield.

22. She’s light and petite.

23. She’s seen him at your worst.

24. She’s celebrated with him during his best and probably coordinated said celebration.

25. She gets older and more outdated with each year, but what she holds inside is what matters.

26. She plays beautiful music to him.

27. She makes him more efficient.

28. She can instantly tells him which movies he must see and which are not worth watching.

29. He plays with her everywhere, anywhere.

30. She’s his most highly guarded possession, and yet she possesses him.