30 Little Ways I Promise To Parent My Future Children


1. You can disobey but don’t lie. It’s okay to do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing something illegal. You’re free to do it. You are a child, not a puppet.

2. I won’t force you to be good at school. Let’s admit it, we all been there. Burned out from trying our very best to impress our parents. I can’t do it.. I barely passed my math subjects even though I literally pulled an all-nighter just to study it. Come to think of it, It did more harm to me than good. Good grades isn’t everything and good grades doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart. School is meant for fun, excitement and socialization… a kid should never feel any pressure nor be obliged to be good at school. Just as long you’re not cutting classes and having fun (and just passing your subjects), I’m completely okay with that.

3. I won’t give you everything you asked for but I’ll definitely give the things you need. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental… whatever I can give, I’ll give my all.

4. I will never ever make you feel like you are alone. Definitely remember that I am always here, I am not just a parent, I’m also a friend. Always remember that I also been through a lot of somethings and I know what you’re going through, I will never let you immure yourself to anger, self-loathing and loneliness. I will also promise that I will not be angry (for too long) nor judge you for whatever you’ve done. You are a human, mistakes are imminent.

5. You first before anything else.

6. I will let you be who you want to be.

7. I will support your dreams. I will give everything you need. I promise I won’t let reality get the best of me and promise I will do whatever it takes for you to have that dream. I won’t destroy your hopes through shoving reality in your face, I won’t destroy your dreams just because of monetary conundrums. You have that dream because it is meant for you. You should never let anyone dim that fire inside you, even me.

8. I can never be a perfect father but I can be your good and best friend when you have no one else to cry on. I will never make you feel alone. I promise that even though we fight, we will always make up for the things we did for each other. I promise not to let you go to sleep with anger and resentment towards me. I promise to control my temperament.

9. I promise to let you be children. I won’t force you to grow up or act like a grown up because I know eventually you’ll learn. I promise to let you play when you want to play. I promise to make time for you.

10. I’ll let you have a pet. I’ll let you keep responsible for the things you asked for instead of depriving you for what you want.

11. I promise not to scold you too long if you did something ‘worth scolding for.’

12. I will help you on your homework even when I’m busy. I know how it feels when no one helps you.

13. I will always be nice to your friends.

14. I promise to always show up when your school calls for ‘a parents’ meeting.’ I know how it feels when your classmate’s parents are there but yours aren’t.

15. I promise to be standing right in front you, cheering and shouting the best I could whenever you’re on-stage. I will be supportive.

16. I can never promise that eventually I will be like those other fathers who give a ‘dad joke.’

17. I will make every birthday and christmas worth celebrating to. I cannot promise that it will be grand but I can promise we’ll celebrate it.

18. I promise not to over think and panic when you have your first crush on your grade school, but also promise me that it’ll just be a crush… for a moment… until you’re old enough… or legally old enough to have a relationship. But I promise not to scold you or shame you tho’.

19. I promise to have time for our pizza and movie night at least once a week.

20. I will make our home a safe and happy place for you, not the opposite.

21. I will teach you life lessons that teachers doesn’t teach at school.

22. I promise not to be judgemental towards anything you like.

23. When society gets you down, I promise to be there to lift you up. We will conquer the world together.

24. I cannot promise that I will not make a speech when you didn’t do your house responsibility but I can promise not to make a big deal out of it.

25. I promise not to blame you when things get hard on us.

26. I promise to be always with you, no matter where I go, you go. Wherever you go, I go. We are partners.

27. I will not let you feel pressured to be something in order for me to have something to brag on my friends. Having you is more than an enough reason to brag about you.

28. Life will be tough but I can promise we will get through it together.

29. I promise that we will have our family travel together, no matter how life can be financially tough at times, I will save just to have that bond together.

30. I promise not to make you feel like a burden, like a regret or a disappointment. I will always remind you that you are a blessing to me, no matter how old you are… you’ll always by my baby… literally.