30 Dark, Funny, Relatable Modest Mouse Lyrics


Most people associate Modest Mouse with their most popular single, Float On. While that’s a fantastic song, MM has so much more to offer. If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend checking them out. Their most recent release, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, was released in 2007 and despite its title, is actually one of their more upbeat albums. And after years of waiting, it sounds like they’ll finally be releasing a new album this year! In the meantime, enjoy some wonderfully dark, funny, relatable Modest Mouse lyrics.
And it’s hard to be a human being

And it’s harder as anything else

And I’m lonesome when you’re around

And I’m never lonesome when I’m by myself

And I miss you when you’re around Baby Blue Sedan

My hell comes from inside, comes from inside myself. Lives
I don’t feel, but I feel great. Trucker’s Atlas
We’re all doctors trading sadness for numbness

Grass looks much greener but it’s green-painted cement

The mayor’s machines are there cleaning the pavement

You can’t make dirt clean so we’ll just lemon-scent it Medication

In this life that we call home, the years go fast and the days go so slow. Heart Cooks Brain
We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves. Dramamine
If you could be anything you want, I bet you’d be disappointed, am I right? Lives
For your sake, I hope heaven and hell are really there… but I wouldn’t hold my breath. You wasted life, why wouldn’t you waste death? The Ocean Breathes Salty
If God takes life, he’s an Indian giver. Bukowski
Ice age, heat wave, can’t complain.

If the worlds at large why should I remain? The World At Large

The white trash boys listen to their headphone

blasting white noise

in the convenience store parking lot.

Well I hung around there just wasting my time

hoping you’d stop by,

’cause I’m sleepwalking. Sleepwalking

I was in heaven, I was in hell,

Believe in neither, but fear both as well. Doin’ The Cockroach

We scheme and we scheme but we always blow it. We have yet to crash, but we still might as well tow it. Dashboard
Well you disappeared so often

like you dissolved into coffee.

Are you here right now

or are there probably fossils under your meat? Satin In A Coffin

He said ‘You were right, no one’s running this whole thing.’

He had a theory too, he said that ‘god takes care of himself and you of you.’ Styrofoam Boots/It’s All Nice on Ice, Alright

The moths beat themselves to death against the lights, adding their breeze to the summer nights. The World At Large
In this place that I call home, my brain’s the cliff and my heart’s the bitter buffalo. Heart Cooks Brain
Everyone’s life ends but no one ever completes it.

Dry or wet ice – they both melt, and you’re equally cheated. Dark Center Of The Universe

Language is the liquid that we’re all dissolved in.

Great for solving problems, after it creates the problems. Blame It On The Tetons

I just got a message that said “Yeah, hell has frozen over” I got a phone call from the Lord Saying, “Hey, boy, get a sweater right now.” Tiny City Made Of Ashes
The universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you go straight long enough you’ll end up where you were. 3rd Planet
Life handed us a paycheck and we said “We worked harder than this!” Bury Me With It
You were laying on the carpet

like you’re satin in a coffin.

You said, “Do you believe what you’re sayin’?”

Yeah right now, but not that often. Satin In A Coffin

The universe works on a math equation that never even ever really even ends in the end. Neverending Math Equation
Jaws clenched tight, we talked all night,

oh but what the hell did we say?

The good times are killing me.

Fed up with all that LSD.

Need more sleep than coke or methamphetamines.

Late nights with warm, warm whiskey.

I guess the good times they were all just killing me. The Good Times Are Killing Me

The stars are projectors yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth.

Everyone wants a double feature. They wanna be their own damn teacher. The Stars Are Projectors

The third planet is sure they’re being watched by an eye in the sky that can’t be stopped. When they get to the promise land, they’re gonna shake the eye’s hands. 3rd Planet
These walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound.

Everyone’s a voyeurist, they’re watching me watch them watch me right now. Paper Thin Walls

You don’t know where and you don’t know when

But you still got your words and you got your friends

Walk along to another day

Work a little harder, work another way

Well uh uh baby I ain’t got no plans

Gonna float on maybe, would you understand? The World At Large

Laugh hard, it’s a long way to the bank. Paper Thin Walls